I recently got my Skeletor in the mail & was so excited to actually get a MotUC figure finally as I missed He-man & Beast Man. I had my old MotU figures out & was curious to see if Skeletor could fit inside the Landshark vehicle. To my surprise I found out that he can! It's not a VERY tight fit, but he CAN sit in there. The jaws can't open as much as you have to put his feet inside the mouth partly (that'll hurt when it bites down ), but other then that he can totally drive that thing.

This got me thinking: can any OTHER of the old 80's MotU vehicles handle MotUC figures?? I have to dig out some of my older vehicles & see, but I only have a few to try out. I'm pretty sure the Blaster Hawk is MotUC compatible as there's nothing to stop the feet from going forward, but what about the Battle Ram? Or the Attak Trak??

This brings another interesting point to light: if the old vehicles can hold the new figures, does this mean Mattel could re-release the old vehicles at some point with slight/to no modifications to allow MotUC figures to ride inside them???

I'll have pictures of my Skeletor hanging out in the Landshark up later, gotta dig out some other old vehicles & see what else fits.