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Okay, why does Mattel keep giving answers that confuse me? As far as I know, mass produced figures aren't, for the most part, painted by hand (the last major action figure line I can attest had hand painted pieces was Captain Action). Paint masks are used for details. Now, I'm not sure exactly the process involved in things like washes or airbrushing, but even that isn't really hand painting, even if it isn't done by machine. As for the matte versus shiny finish, it's likely just whatever paint was available at the factory at that particular time.

A minor point, to be sure; I'm just mostly curious about the process here, which I thought I had a pretty good handle on. Am I mistaken?
That answer surprised me, too. I didn't realize any toys that were mass produced were painted by hand. My guess is Toyguru meant it in some other sense than what I'm envisioning.