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Thread: Just picked up Skeletor, Doomcopter, and Skull Staff!

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    Just picked up Skeletor, Doomcopter, and Skull Staff!

    These things are AWESOME!! This toy line is every bit as exciting as the original for me, and I agree that these figures will be fantastic additions to the MOTUC line.

    Very underrated, IMO

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    haha welcome to the NA family lol

    i LOVED these toys as a kid. just as much as the original line.

    you really need to get optikk and put him in the doom copter for a creepy/cool effect
    I want NA Skeletor and Rio Blast and I want them now!

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    I'm still on the lookout for a Doomcopter, as it looks like a brilliant toy. I like how Skeletor uses it all the time in the cartoon as well, and how He-Man destroys it constantly.

    I have an image in my head of Flogg saying, "Do try and bring this one back in one piece, Skeletor!"

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    Awesome! The Skull Staff was and still is awesome, and NA Skeletor was one of my all time favorite versions of Skeletor. You got some good stuff there!
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    A short while ago, I found a Doomcopter as well on E-bay. I had the toy when I was little, and over the years lost the parts to it. But it is one of the coolest toys... especially the glow-in-the-dark skull. I felt kind of bad too because I won the toy for $10 (I think when the line was originally out it was more than that?).

    So- anyway, when it came in the mail, there was a note attached to my invoice by Dave Wolfram... saying that he had designed the toy (and several other evil toys of the line!)

    I wrote him back and sent him a print of a Grayskull painting that I did a short while ago as a thank you... can't wait to see if he writes back again.

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    Congrats on the new pieces. Did you just get the normal Skeletor or one of the variants cause I can tell you right now Disks of Doom is easily the coolect of the three of them. He really is awesome. T

    The skull staff is awesome too! Not sure what kind of collector you might be (loose or MOC) but if you keep it loose be careful the small purple bottom of the staff can come off quite easily. I know mine broke years ago and that was annoying. But you need to get the Electronic Power Sword as well. That thing is a blast.
    Hey Super7 I'm looking forward to what you do for Classics and I'm awaiting these figures!

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