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Thread: pH6 takes a long hard look at Princess of Power

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    pH6 takes a long hard look at Princess of Power

    I try really hard to keep the things I do not like out of this post. If I feel like it at some point, I may take the time to type another one in which I address the points I'd prefer never to have been seen and reasons for that. As one can see, I can be nice when I choose to be. When talking about something I don't like, it's usually the different approach I prefer, partially to amplify the point I try to make. I also know it may not always seem I'm coherent when I type my negativity, but that's partially because PoP means both the whole franchise or that one character I dislike. I'm not the only using the terms intertwined though.

    Then a random list of items of good, in no particular order.

    The outfits. Well, I'm a male, anda sexist male at that. Short skirts, long high-heel boots. How can one not like those?

    Madame Razz. One of the more plausible characters in any of the cartoons related to these, New Adventures of He-Man excluded. Orko often fools up with his magic, because...he doesn't have his jewel? His powers stopped working correctly when Trolla was destroyed? Whereas Madame Razz, an age old veteran, who has most likely forgotten more than most people will ever learn, she's done everything so many times the easier tricks have become a routine. And when something's too automatic, one might do stupid little mistakes. I know I do.

    Skeletor's appearances in the cartoon. Filmation started off MotU with Skeletor having some cunning plans. Later he was reverted into the incompetent level of his lackeys. In Princess of Power cartoon he again shows he's a capable villain (of course Filmation Hordak could make anybody look good!).

    Silliness. I like humour. Flowers for Hordak is just one prime example of this.

    The Time Transformer. Even though this is in general a loathed episode, it's one of the few I've seen where the Horde is in possession of technology they can use for their benefit. And one of the even fewer times where Horde shows they have something that could take out She-Ra.

    Frosta. Coloured after the Finnish flag, and even though her powers remind of some Bobby Drake she's one of those that has the potential to defeat any organic warrior Hordak has to put on the field. But I think Catra's subtitle should be given to someone else?

    Colour schemes on most of the dolls. If anybody's ever seen some of the stuff I might wear, it shouldn't be a surprise I don't mind the colouring of these. Entrapta is the single most stylish toy I have in my collection. And one of the three toys from PoP -line I have on display.

    Crystal Castle the playset. Ok, it looks a little like Cloud Castle or Bubble Castle when you look at it. But it's the perfect opposite of Snake Mountain colour and function wise. To the extent I don't even have either version of Castle Grayskull on display. Could've come with some defensive capability though, there's a rack for holding a weapon but no actual weapon to put there.

    Crystal Falls the playset. When I finally got one from Paris. Haven't had so much fun with a water toy since...80s I think. If only I could keep the water flowing continuously, this would almost be the crown jewel of my collection. But that's nothing some engineering couldn't fix, when I have the chance to keep it on display locked away from my felines.

    Clawdeen. Has an evil being ever looked so menacing? See 'Catra's Ice Palace', page 16.

    Perfuma. The idea for this particluar action feature works on Stinkor. It works on Moss-Man (or so I've heard, I'm still to open one fresh) and it works on Perfuma. Plus the merry hippie is one of the best characters in the cartoon as well.

    Glimmer's staff: There are surprisingly few weapons in the line, even though just about all characters are witches or sorceresses.
    IIRC this particular one glows in the dark - which is always a cool treat in a toy.

    Flutterina. Only flying MotU/PoP character you can put up in the air without having to create some sort of additional string system for them. I was surprised how much I actually liked the wing pack. The basic doll is boring, the butterfly is a neat toy.

    Books. I've been getting more PoP books lately, and the stories and artwork for the most part are surprisingly entertaining. Most SotS remakes I find boring, but just about everything else have plenty of interesting details. To either enjoy or take way out of context for bad humour's sake.

    From a collector's point of view: I have a lot of MotU toys and plenty of other stuff as well. Just about every line is missing only a few bits and pieces, and the ones I am missing are beyond my current budget. More stuff to relatively easily obtainable (although for me it almost always means eBays, there just isn't any here). This is something I have been questioned about, and I still can't quite explain why. There are things I don't like in the toy line, and especially the cartoon, but there are also good bits. This applies to each and every incarnation of MotU too IMHO. One of the reasons that only really makes sense to myself, is that this stops me from taking myself too seriously. Let alone others.

    I'm not doing this as any sort of apology, nor I expect any patting on the back for this. I wish to try to point out I do have some knowledge on the subject, I haven't simply taken the prejudist route of not even trying something before deciding whether I like it or not.
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