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The paint job on my is faine, little things here and there but very very minor. This i the first figure that I've had some physical issues with though. When I opened him the boot part of his leg was like hanging off... I pushed it back in and it went in and stays but when you turn it it starts to gap a little... i mean not that big of a deal but its the first issue like this i've had so i thought i'd mention it.

On the inside of the left shoulder there is a red disk.... its very odd... i assume its there to keep the joint from being loose but why RED? Very odd, why not flesh colored? Its pretty darn visable. Again not THAT big of a deal, i just find it very odd.

Other odd thing is that, well you know how the figures have that square "plug" in the back? Well zodak still has it though its very well hidden, but I noticed today that he has ANOTHER one on his chest?! Its hidden even better than the one on his back so its really not a big deal I just found it to be really odd. Why is it there? Its kind of an odd shape. I checked beast man and he has it too, something about the orange on him makes it even harder to see though so I only saw it because I was looking for it.

Anyway just some random observations.
odd....my zodac doesn't appear to have any square 'plugs' anywhere on his torso area. Of course I'm not taking off his armor either. Looks perfect to me, at least on mine. I don't see any square plugs on any of my figures, I thought only KG had it, to hold his cape.
nor do I see any 'red disc' on the left shoulder of my Zodac...

As for the paint apps, they look immaculate, right down to the little dots on his gun.