View Poll Results: What would your ideal tone for the new movie be and why?

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  • Gritty/Dark/Epic-Battles

    29 54.72%
  • Kids/Fairytale Story

    2 3.77%
  • Super-Hero/Comic-Book Story

    17 32.08%
  • Soft-Action/Cheesy-Humour Story

    0 0%
  • All of the above

    1 1.89%
  • None/Other - please post suggestions/reasons

    4 7.55%
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Thread: What would your ideal tone for the new movie be and why?

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    Heroic Warrior Grimbot's Avatar
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    Not too dark, not too light.
    Brings doom to MOTUC with cel accuracy.

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    Heroic Warrior AnthonyHall666's Avatar
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    I want it to be just like 300, actually if they just use the same footage and exchange audio now and then with the word 'Greyskull' that would be good enough for me.

    "Tonight we dine in --GREYSKULL--!"

    "Madness? This is --GREYSKULL--!"

    Actually if I just get to see Gwildors head on a rotisserie at least once in the film, all will be forgiven.
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    I'm Gonna agree with Baena here and say somewhere between Narnia and LOTR - I want action and epic battles but not endless amounts of 300 blood and gore or the mind-numbing misery of the Dark Knight.

    Stardust meets Iron Man meets LOTR. A movie with heart, humour and lots of @ss-kicking.
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    Johan Eggink Eterniandreams's Avatar
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    Perhaps something like the Chronicles of Riddick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert View Post
    I would like the movie to reflect the richness of the original box art of MotU: It had a dark feel to it
    I second this. It needs to recapture that dark place in our hearts that drew us towards these toys in the first place.!

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    I don't want this to be a campy movie, so I voted for "gritty". I feel a dark and gritty feel to battle scenes would work, like with He-Man fighting Skeletor, I envision a dark red sky (similar to the 80s intro where He-Man punches the screen). But at the Palace, I see bright blue skies - the whole feel of the scene should change according to location.

    The costume colours IMO shouldn't be bright like 60s Batman but there's nothing wrong with MAA having an anodized-orange armour, or TrapJaw having anodized red armour.

    Humour should be justified and not campy. Everyone at the palace having a feast can all be sitting around drinking and making merry. But there's no need for jokes on the battlefield.

    My biggest concern is that He-Man will become too much like Conan and I want there to be a clear distinction. I'd expect Conan to smash skulls and twist peoples' heads etc. He-Man should be above that level of barbarism
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