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Thread: Monteeg in MOTUC

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    Monteeg in MOTUC

    With Filmation Zoar, Screeech, Loo-Kee and Kowl already given figures in the Classics line, Mattel is no doubt deciding which other accessories, relics and small creatures from the MOTU universe to include in the line over the next two years. No doubt Monteeg would be an excellent choice for any fan of the original Filmation cartoon series!

    In the cartoon's first season episode "Castle of Heroes", Skeletor's old friend Monteeg arrives and convinces him that he will take He-Man away and train him as a member of a very special army collected from the farthest reaches of space. Monteeg is shown to be as devious as he is skilled in the ways of magic, able to teleport great distances and create solid objects out of thin air, including force fields; shoot lighting bolts from his hands, and to teleport great distances with ease. He tricks He-Man and Orko into thinking there is a giant nearby, and on the journey to his castle he places a series of dangerous situations for He-Man to overcome. Monteeg confronts He-Man and attempts to capture him with help from Black Beard and Hannibal, which reveals Monteeg's ability to either travel through time, or to summon beings from various time periods to his aid.

    In the Classics universe Monteeg could be quite the trouble maker, and would no doubt be a suitable minor faction leader, seeking out other characters in the Classics canon to join his special army that will help him conquer the universe! His time travel and teleportation abilities could allow him to interact with any character from the MOTU timeline, and even carry those characters into the future or past to play a part in important historical events.

    Vote for Monteeg in Poll #6 this week and show your support!

    Character: Monteeg
    Appearance: Episode 57 "Castle of Heroes" (He-Man & the Masters of the Universe DVD set, Volume 1, Disc 4)
    Quote: "He is magnificent! I see I will have to capture him myself!"
    Notes: A devious and powerful magician who tricks He-Man and Orko into thinking there is a giant nearby. On the journey to his castle he places a series of dangerous situations for He-Man to overcome, and attempts to capture He-Man so that he can become a part of Monteeg's hand picked army of villains collected from the farthest reaches of space, each known to be the most powerful and, in some cases, the most evil beings in the universe!

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    This would be a great two-pack...Monteeg and Blackbeard!

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    Monteeg would have to come with his Eternian Martini Glass too. He looks like a turtle without his shell.

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    Thanks for supporting me...

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    I'd take him. He's nifty and adds diversity just based on height alone! Great character.
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    One of the worst character designs ever.

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    I like the concept more than the design
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