Just wondering how you all would like to see Mattel deal with Kobra Khan's bio in regards to which evil group he belongs/belonged to. We all know he started off as one of Skeletor's evil warriors in toy form & in the Filmation cartoon, and when the Snake Men were released, he was told by Skeletor to join them as a spy in the King of the Snake Men mini-comic. Now, in the 200X line, he was introduced as a Snake Man, and in the MYP cartoon, he did "join" Skeletor's crew for a few minutes, but that, of course, was a trick just so he can enter Snake Mountain in order to free King Hiss & company from the void. So, with the mish-mashing of canons, how would you like Mattel to handle KK's bio? Do you want to see him start off as an Evil Warrior who maybe leaves Skeletor to join the Snake Men or have him start off as a Snake Man from the get go?