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Thread: Kobra Khan: Evil Warrior of Skeletor's or Snake Man?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Villain View Post
    Would anyone except that Kobra Khan is simply twofaced trying to please both Skeletor & Snakemen.

    I would like to think he wants to be usefull to both parties but at the same time really wants the glory for himself.

    Yep, sounds about right. Like the 'snake' he is... He even was two-faced to his own people (the cold zone), so yeah, he'd backstab anyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackknight View Post
    Yeah. Maybe he's just using everyone to get what he wants. Maybe he doesn't care about sides. Maybe he could care less if Skeletor enters Castle Greyskull or whatever that ninny King Hiss is up to. Maybe he just wants to make enough cash so he can go retire on Etheria with enough bling to impress Frosta, Castaspella and all those other sexy chicks. Then Skeletor and He-Man can fight over Eternia as usual while Kobra Khan lives it up. This is now my official view of him. Kobra Khan is a pimp. I hope his bio reflects this.
    Yeah!! Pimpin' aint easy.... i could see him siting back taking it easy while the cash is rolling in....'snoop snake khan'. lol
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    I've read through this and thought about it, and I think I prefer the original mini comic idea that he was an evil warrior that Skeletor told to join the Snakemen as his spy. So, that's the story I'd like to see for him. At least, a story close to that in some form or another. I'd even be ok with the idea that Skeletor asked Kobra Kahn to be a spy, but then Kobra Kahn ended up sticking with the Snakemen and eventually turning on Skelly. That would be kinda cool.
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    I too always liked the King of the Snake Men mini comic that shows Kobra Khan as a evil warrior who's then told to spy on the snake men. That's the bio I'd like to see; he's not one of the original snake men who's been alive for countless ages- he's a decent of that ancient race.

    I was a late-starter into MotU during the 80's, so the Evil Horde toys & the Snake Men where MY MotU figures. I had all the snake men, except for the 2 newer ones (Sssqueeze & Snake Face) & missed out on Kobra Khan as he wasn't in stores anymore at that time. Sure they may have been gimicky, but they're my nostalgia which is why I as happy & then sad when the 200X line tanked before we got more Snake Men out of it.

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    I'd play it this way: Have Khan join the Snakemen as Skeletor's spy, but have King Hiss see through Skeletor's plan, and do something to Khan that causes him to become loyal to King Hiss. Throw in an appearance change as a result of Hiss' actions - then we could get a regular and a camo Khan in MOTUC! The regular Khan could have a bio describing him as Skeletor's henchmen, and the camo Khan could come with un updated bio describing how he became loyal to Hiss.

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    Kahn was my first toy in the 80s together with Fisto. Even when i got new figures he was evil, but always an independant, with his own hidden agenda.

    I really liked it when MYP gave him sorta the same personality.

    Kahn teams up with the ones he can profit from most and manipulates as he goes along. He is one of the best. I really hope they do him justice in Motuc

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    I like the spy-idea here, and agree that Khan may have sold out the SM before all was said and done in MYP. I wouldn't mind if he was portrayed thusly, as a double or even triple Mac in Crystal Skull (save your bashing).
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    In the classic series, he is a double-agent for Skeletor. In the new series, he is a double-agent for the Snake Man. Simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Multibot View Post
    Yep, sounds about right. Like the 'snake' he is... He even was two-faced to his own people (the cold zone), so yeah, he'd backstab anyone.

    Yeah!! Pimpin' aint easy.... i could see him siting back taking it easy while the cash is rolling in....'snoop snake khan'. lol
    The Cold Zone was the episode I was referring to where KK proves he can easily go it alone. one of my fav eps actually.

    I sometimes liked it better when Skeletors warriors had stories to themselves. Not dissing old Bone Head but seeing my favourite Whiplash and Clawfull have scenes without him was worth viewing.

    Do you think well get a Classics Whiplash? He is who I want most next to Tri Klops or Count Marzo.

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    Kobra Kahn's alliance in MOTUC

    I have been giving this some thought lately about when Kahn is introduced in the Classic line. I tend to disregard most of the bios when the appear unless of course they carry something in regards to preternia or big events that will or have happened. However I'm curious as to which route Kahn's bio will be given. As of now Kahn has 2 concrete backgrounds: the first being one of the more respected of Skeletor's henchman from the original line and the other as a wannabe of the Snake-Men from MYP. Personally I prefer the way Kahn was portrayed in King of the Snake Men where Skeletor makes his alliance with Hiss and tells Kahn to join the Snake Men as a personal spy to keep tabs on Hiss's plans. I think it gives the fans of the original series and MYP the best of both worlds. Plus Kahn will forever be an Evil Warrior in my eyes. I can't picture him teaming up with anyone else besides Webstor!
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    I prefer Khan to have at least been a member of Skeletors crew for quite a while, not just one day like in 200X and I would prefer he stayed loyal to Skeletor and acted as a spy in the Snake men.
    I also like the idea that he stole his gun from a cosmic enforcer that he may have killed.

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    It's a great time to revive this thread now that we have King Hssss's bio. The line, "For five thousand years he and his army waited until Evil-Lyn and a Snake Men descendant named Kobra Kahn opened the Snake Pit to free them." answers some questions, but adds new questions.

    So according to the bio we know that Kobra Kahn is a Snakeman descendant. And we know that he helped Evil-Lyn to free King Hssss. This implies that Kobra Kahn is a member of Skeletor's Evil Warriors during the Snakemen's banishment, but doesn't explicitly say so.

    But left open are Kobra Kahn's motivations for freeing Hssss & his army, and whether KK's allegiance will remain with Skeletor, change to Hssss, or something else altogether....

    The True Story of Kobra Kahn

    I think Kobra Kahn should initially be an Evil Warrior, who is asked personally by Skeletor to join the Viper Clan of the Snakemen to spy on them to learn about their culture and their weaknesses. Once with the Snakemen, Kahn learns that they are wise, nature-loving, and peaceful and not violent savages as he was led to believe. Kahn meets and falls in love with a beautiful and exotic Snakewoman and his allegiance slowly shifts from Skeletor to King Hssss.

    Once Skeletor learns of this, and with the information that Kahn has been providing him about the Snakemen's stronghold, he launches an attack on the Snakemen's gigantic Snake Hole home utterly destroying it, killing King Hssss, and scattering the Na, uh, I mean Snakemen. The Snakemen feel betrayed by Kahn, but eventually he is able to convince them that he is truly on their side when he tames the great beast Serpos fulfilling the Snakeman legend of Ssssoruk Maksssso.

    Riding atop Serpos, Kahn is able to join all the clans of the Snakemen (the Cobra Clan, the Python Clan, the Garter Snake Clan, the Mamba Clan, and many others) in a final battle to defend their sacred, ancestral home of Snake Mountain from an all-out massive attack by Skeletor and his Evil Warriors. The battle is long and many Snakemen lives are lost, but just as all hope seems lost for the Snakemen, the spirit and power of Eternia is awoken to help defend the Snakemen thereby turning the tide of battle. In a final showdown, Kobra Kahn fights Skeletor in his Battle Armor, and with the help of his lovely blue, I mean green Snakewoman, Skeletor is defeated.

    Kobra Kahn joins the Snakemen for good, banishes the remaining Evil Warriors from Eternia, and lives happily ever after with his beautiful Snake wife Neyssssiri.

    The End
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whiplash7 View Post
    Yeah, I agree with you. Other than that, I still think he was handled well overall though. And this is why I said he's something of a double agent--he's a snake man but will serve under skeletor if it suits his needs. Who knows, maybe if the show had carried on he might have had to serve under skeletor for a while?
    To be honest, the way KK was treated by the other Snakemen, you wouldn't blame him if he turned on them and joined Skeletor. they were constantly looking down their noses at him because he wasn't a true snakeman (bit of a racism theme there?) yet most of the time he showed himself more competent than them!
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    I grew up with Khan as one of Skeletor's crew so that is my preference, but it is cool if they include him siding with the Snakemen later on.

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    I like the idea of Kobra Khan being one of Skeletor's guys, who for various reasons throws in with the Snake Men when they arrive, but returns to the fold of Evil Warriors. He makes sense as a Snake Man, obviously, but growing up he was always one of Skeletor's crew, which is how I still see him. He and Webstor just hanging out.
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    I don't like the idea of him being a double-agent. I think it's stupid - there are aleady such weak alliances within the factions; Kronis against skeletor, Evil Lyn going behid his back to free.. ..EVERYONE - Khan would only get to double cross everyone once and then no-one would trust or want him.

    For me, Kobra Khan is one of Skeletors men. It's what just feels... ...Classic.

    I like the idea of Khan being with Skeletor and turning on him to be with the Snake Men, but then he gets burned/dissed by the Snake Men and rejoins Skeletor. Deep down, though, he longs for Snake Men acceptance but knows he won't get it.

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    Although he is a descendant of the Snake Men, I have always viewed him as one of the Evil Warriors.

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    Skeletor's henchman until the Snakemen turn up... Then i'd like to see him betray Skeletor to help King Hsss - Then betray King Hsss to help Skeletor again. I'd also like him to betray Skeletor or Hsss to help the Heroic Warriors (to serve his best interests of course)...

    In short, I'd like to see him side with whoever suites his beat interests at any given moment.

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    The whole idea of him being with the Snakemen is lame. He is Skeletor's snake guy and that is that as far as I am concerned. The 200X story wrecked his character and is total bogus garbage to me. He is an Evil Warrior "nuff said".

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    To me, he's an Evil Warrior that Skeletor cleverly had infiltrate the Snake Men. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mick4metal View Post
    The 200X story wrecked his character and is total bogus garbage to me.
    I agree totally.

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    Obviously he is a Man what is a Snake. And when I saw the Snake Men, clearly he would have been one if the Snake Men had been a concept when he was created.

    But no, he is one of Skeletor's Evil Warriors. Heh, and frankly it's racist to suggest that he would be one just because of his race.

    Just kidding. Kinda.

    But at any rate, that's why I like how MYP delt with it. Yes, he was technically a Snake Man, No, he was never part of King Hiss's Crew, but Yes, he'd certainly join up after they showed up again, but not as a full member per say.

    I voted Distant Relative. But I would be completely happy if he was not a "Snake Man" faction member in MOTUC. I'd actually prefer it. Whether he was from the Snake Man race or not.

    Let Cammo Khan be a snake man. He had the symbol anyway didnt he? And it'd be a great "refresh" bonus figure after Khan came out himself.

    Since Mattel has stated they want whatever story allows for the most characters, I truely hope/believe this is prescisly what they'll do.

    Can they make Cammo Khan, has this been addressed? I belive it has.

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    The story in the 200X line suits me fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kobra Khan View Post
    When I bought Khan in the 80's the Snakemen weren't around yet, so he's been an evil warrior for a long time;
    That's how I look at it too. That's how I prefer him. I do like how agile & dangerous MYP made him but HATE how he was such a boot-lick. He was able to do a lot n his own but he didn't really seem to get the credit he deserved from the other arrogant Snake Men.

    I also like the Free Agent angle he could have. He works for Skeletor when his unique services are required. He could be like Firefly to Cobra Command.

    Edit: Now that folks are throwing out the Cammo Khan reference, I just thought, what if Cammo Khan was an ancient Snake Man with the rest of King Hsss' crew & was in fact Kobra Khan's ancestor? Mattel could release 2 figures, just like He-Man & Wun-Dar. That would explain why these 2 characters look the same, just with a different scale pattern, (paint app,) & why they have the same "Khan" name. Maybe this concept should have it's own thread or a poll?
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    He's Skeletor's guy who spied on King Hiss. Whether he betrays Skeletor is up to Matty, but he definitely starts out as an Evil Warrior.

    Camo Khan should be the Snake Man.

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    like him best as a loyal snakeman in the myp 200x. like to know about his past to understand him better.

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