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Thread: POP TRIBUTE VIDEOS! A Way To Support POP Classics!

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    POP TRIBUTE VIDEOS! A Way To Support POP Classics!



    SHE-RA is the alter ego of Princess Adora, the twin sister of He-Man. She first appears as Force Captain Adora, an agent of the Evil Horde that rules the planet Etheria. However, she then discovers that she is the long-lost twin sister of Prince Adam of Eternia, having been stolen by the Horde's leader, Hordak, as a baby. She is granted the Sword of Protection, which parallels He-Man's own Sword of Power, and gains the power to transform into She-Ra. As Princess Adora, she then joins the rebellion that seeks to free Etheria from the Horde. She-Ra is known as the Princess of Power. As such, she has superhuman strength and is highly resistant to damage. She also possesses superhuman speed and agility, a healing touch, as well as the ability to speak with animals telepathically. All her powers derive from the mystical Power of Grayskull. Together with Bow, Glimmer, Frosta, Angella, Castaspella, Mermista, Perfuma, Peekablue & Flutterina, She-Ra hopes to free Etheria from the tyrannical rule of Hordak & The Evil Horde.


    BOW is one of the original Rebels. He often has to disguise his face when leaving The Whispering Woods, to prevent the Horde from identifying him. Bow is referred to as the best archer in all of Etheria. He is famed for the accuracy of his shot. Aside from his skill as an archer, Bow is also musically gifted. He often writes songs to serenade Adora; his instrument of choice is usually the harp and Adora seems to enjoy his songs. Like Glimmer, Bow is a rather impetuous member of the Rebellion. He is far too eager to rush into battle with the Horde, which more often than not gets him into trouble. He has also shown some ability as an illusionist. At different times he has made birds appear out of nowhere and made himself disappear. Bow is Etheria's most skillful archer, described as the best shot in all of Etheria. He is also a talented storyteller and has knowledge of old legends to entertain the children.


    GLIMMER is a member of The Great Rebellion and was once its leader. She is the daughter of Queen Angella & King Micah of Bright Moon. She comes from a happy family, but her childhood is tinged with sadness. After the Horde arrived on Etheria, her father left to fight them, and was never seen again. Later, when her mother is in battle with the Horde, she too disappears. For many years Glimmer fears she will never see her parents again. One day, a spy discovers that Angella is being held prisoner by Hunga, leader of the Harpies. By this point Glimmer had established the Rebellion, but relinquishes her title to Adora, when her mother is rescued by He-Man and She-Ra. After she returns to her former role as Princess of Bright Moon, she travels to The Whispering Woods in disguise to prevent her from being identified by the Horde. Glimmer's powers, like her mother are associated with light and she is able to generate photonic energy blasts from her hands. This is her most utilized power, though she does display others, ranging from teleportation to the ability to fly by surrounding herself and others with an aura of light. One power which she only manifests once is the ability to render her and others invisible. She can also generate light on such a powerful scale that she can illuminate the entire area of the Whispering Woods for an hour. However this feat leaves her in a state of extreme exhaustion. Glimmer is a beautiful and hardworking young woman who sincerely believes in peace and justice and overthrowing the Horde to restore such ideals.


    FROSTA is a valuable member of the Rebellion. She is the reigning Queen of Castle Chill in the Kingdom of Snows, an area located at the northernmost pole of Etheria. This area of Etheria has only been attacked once by the Horde, possibly because of the extreme temperature there. Frosta and her people hold a great hatred for the Selkies, a race of people who live in Galacia, near her own homeland. When the Horde arrived, these two races called a truce to their feud, to unite against them. She is depicted as being strongly attracted to He-Man, much to He-Man's discomfort. She becomes intensely jealous when He-Man seems attracted to Sweet Bee instead. Frosta, being the Queen of the ice realms, has power over ice. She is able to produce ice and snow even in warmer areas of Etheria. She can also fire ice from her hands enabling her to freeze objects or her enemies. She can also use her powers to give her a method of transportation similar to an ice bridge.


    ANGELLA, the Queen of Bright Moon, is one of the most important members of the Great Rebellion. Some years ago Queen Angella and King Micah had a child they named Glimmer. They lived in peace for many years and then the Horde arrived. Micah left his wife and daughter so he could fight them. The Horde captured Bright Moon, when Angella went missing during battle. During Angella's absence Glimmer forms the Great Rebellion, hoping one day to see her parents again and rid Bright Moon of the Horde. It is only years later, when She-Ra and He-Man release Angella that she is reunited with her daughter and later with her husband. The Moonstone of Castle Bright Moon is the source of Angella’s magical abilities and it enables her to use her wings to fly. Her powers are affected by the position of Etheria's moons, as she is severely weakened during a lunar eclipse induced by Shadow Weaver. Aside from She-Ra she is regarded as the most powerful of the Rebel leaders. When at her full strength, she alone is more than a match for the entire Horde. Angella has, like her daughter, the ability to fly and fire photonic energy from her hands, which can stun or disable her opponents as well as blinding light. She is capable of erecting nearly impenetrable force fields. By bathing herself in her own light, she can instantly heal any injuries she has sustained and even regenerate torn clothing or armor. Angella has the power to temporarily open portals to other worlds and she appears far more skilled and experienced in the use of mystic forces than does her daughter.
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