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Thread: MotUC All Things Hordak, Pics and Discussion (Reg, Hurricane, Spirit)

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    'Ol Hordak showed up! He's about as cool as any translucent figure can be, which is pretty cool by my standards. He's a tiny bit pink in certain light, but that doesn't matter. His parts are way fun for swapping and he looks cool on his own, so of course I'm still thinking of trying for another at some point, but we'll see how luck treats me. For now: I got my one, and that suits me fine!

    The crossbow is kinda boring, though. No idea why people wanted the white one so badly - it looks terrible with normal Hordak. The silver one never looked good either; I thought his normal black one was perfect. SOOO...for lack of a better place, I'm giving the white one to Skeletor during his short stint with the Horde. Ya know...bone white. Seems to make sense.
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