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  • The Gar (Keldor's blue elfish race)

    48 21.92%
  • Berserker Islands

    13 5.94%
  • Preternia: The Giants

    23 10.50%
  • Preternia: The Council of Elders

    48 21.92%
  • Insectoids (Polti, Kex, Tycons, Arachnoids, etc)

    32 14.61%
  • Preternia: Zalecia

    15 6.85%
  • Frozen North (Ice people, Stilla, Lord of FN, etc)

    14 6.39%
  • Darksmoke

    19 8.68%
  • Reptons

    2 0.91%
  • Manotaurs

    5 2.28%
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Thread: Tours of Eternia Roundup

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    Quote Originally Posted by gatchagrey View Post
    lol... that may be my fault for campaigning for the insectoids...
    but also in part there are alot of interesting insect characters....
    There are indeed, which is great. I wasn't sure if such a vague 'official' group would turn out to be so popular! I just wanted to make sure no one thought that only creations for the group with the most votes should be posted.

    Quote Originally Posted by gatchagrey View Post
    so do you want us to just post the ones on the polls or are you ready for flood of etheria and horde fan characters yet
    Quote Originally Posted by super-munkyboy View Post
    Well if ya need refs mate, I got down nearly every Horde character and fan character going, bar Zed.
    While I don't want to dismiss any posts, I'm also a little worried that the Horde might overwhelm the obscure Eternians at this point. I started the tours as a way to showcase all the obscure guys that we just didn't get to see enough of in the series and comics and classic sources, and I think that extends very naturally to fan creations since they so often spring from those same obscure corners of He-Man's world. I love the Horde, but I want to explore some other parts of the planet first. A character who fits into any of these groups but is also a Horde member is fine, but I may save him/her for the eventual Horde tour.

    Etherians are welcome as well, though I'm still unsure of what all the potential Etherian groups are at this point. I'd love to include people like Hiproar and Unicra in Etheria, but I'm not sure they have an official group to which they belong--and I'm not yet prepared to make tours that are completely fan-created. But then, I'm also still not sure where people like Bow would turn up on Etheria.
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