I grew up with the 80's Masters Of The Universe from the beginning until about 1986. Since that was the case, the only Snake Man I had was Kobra Kahn. While I enjoyed the 2002 cartoon for the most part(their version of He-Man was so bland, he felt like a background character and Filmation's is the only Orko I recognize), it really killed any love I had for it when they turned the focus to the Snake Men. Besides having a group who all share similar designs seemed a little "meh", unlike the Horde or Skeletor's crew, none of them had the charisma of the other villains. Am I alone in hoping the Snake Men don't play as large a part in the new mythos in whatever form of media the MOTUC franchise branches out into? I think I'd rather see the Meteorbs play a bigger part than endure another cartoon or comic where the Snake Men push either Skeletor's crew or the Horde out of the way.