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Thread: WTFWTK 2.17 - Ask your questions here!

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    Lots of INTERNATIONAL fans are getting figures with two right feet, wrong legs, etc. But why can't an International fan get a new figure and only recieves a refund? It is unfair because in US people get replacements for damaged CARDS and people outside can't get a replacement for a messed up FIGURE.

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    Will you produce He-ro in the same quantity like the regular Figures? Or will it be less, because it's a exclusive?

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    Most important.....

    Role play sword. Collector line or not, its time we get a classic sword in a decent size, much like the blow up one, just solid. When oh when?
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    I would like to know why my order and the orders of other international buyers could not go through on April the 15. And if the international buyers will be compensated for trying to order in a timely manner but were unable to order due to this issue.

    These are the only question I have at the moment.

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    If I'm not mistaken, with Merman all figures will come with the classic 80's toy style head on the body and the original concept-art head on the side rather than a mix. In future figures that have two heads, what are the chances of mixing the production and packaging of what head will be displayed on the body and what will be the extra? For collectors who prefer to leave their figure sealed in the package, it would be really cool to have both versions of the head displayed on the body. For now, the only way to accomplish this would be to open a second Merman, switch the heads and reseal the package.

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    On what day will the MOTU panel be at SDCC?
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