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Thread: Sllohcin-vision (sort of pre-MOTUC)

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    Sllohcin-vision (sort of pre-MOTUC)

    Hey gang, with all the fantastic MOTUC fan designs starting to surface (Emiliano, Baena, etc.), the urge to re-post mine here on just got the better of me so I hope you all enjoy it for what it is - a style guide based on how I thought a "new" MOTU line could go. Most of these were done the summer/fall of '07 and trickled into the spring of '08 (mind you, I still have a lot unfinished.) I tried to draw elements from all over and I didn't see these as final designs (just concepts with a style that I felt would work for a younger generation.) The age demographic I was aiming for was the 5 -7+ range (which is pretty much equal to the 7 - 9+ age range of the '80s.)

    Anyway, I'll start with the 8-back and give very minor thought processess as I go. Currently I have 55 designs 100% completed. I'm not going to post them on a daily basis but pretty close to it (as I tend to fail on the daily post thing - don't ask why as I don't have an answer...)

    Cheers and I hope you all enjoy my work. These designs won't be everyone's cup of tea but hopefully I acheived a look that you could all imagine as a child's line of MOTU (ie. coloured eyes, a chunky look, bright and complimentary colours, 5" - 5.5" in height, etc.)

    Sorry to those have already seen these multiple times.

    Some points to ponder about my choice direction...
    • The reuse of parts was a major design element where every character was planned out before I even started into the project with any seriousness.
    • Every accessory has a place to be "held" (could even be a hand.)
    • I incorporated different materials into the designs (ie. Grizzlor's hair and cloth skirts, etc.)
    • Almost all chest armour and loin armour coverings are fully removeable.
    • Articulation is virtually the same as MOTUC except I didn't go the route of ab-crunch, the bicep twist or the ankle joint.

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