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Thread: What would you want to see in a MOTUClassics cartoon series?

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    Quote Originally Posted by uaxuctum View Post
    Filmation gave us:

    • a very kids-oriented cartoon
    • so excessively mild, that villains seldom represent a serious menace
    • frequently displaying too-obvious moral preaching
    • animated in traditional American cartoon style
    • that got cheapened by the use of stock animation because of budgetary constraints
    • but which allowed for the production of a very large number of episodes
    • each telling mostly independent tales, without a cohesive story arc
    • but with an absolutely fantastic soundtrack

    MYP gave us:

    • an almost adult-oriented anime
    • with an excessively violent, gore-and-explosions-are-so-entertaining approach
    • rendered in amazing visual detail, but with too much Japanese-style exaggeration and unrealistic stylization
    • featuring much more credible villains and threats
    • and much better storytelling, character development and continuity
    • that unfortunately got cancelled before the full story-arc could be told

    For a new cartoon series, I'd like:

    • modern 3D-graphics computer-generated animation
    • depicting vast awe-inspiring landscapes, realistic movements and detailed character renderings, that nonetheless retain the essence of their MotU Classics designs
    • portraying a role-model hero with a deep sense of ethics and duty, in a mature, non-patronizing way
    • without gratuitous displays of exaggerated smashing and bloodfeast—no violence beyond that strictly necessary to tell a story where credible villains pose actual threats
    • a serious tone more akin to the early minicomics and MYP than Filmation—but without overdoing it too far, with room for the ocasional lightheartedness and clever humour
    • with a grandiose backbone continuity, encompassing all four corners of the mythos (MotU, PoP, PoG and NA)
    • but with ocasional excursions exploring lesser, more independent storylines
    • integrating a wide and varied selection of characters and locations
    • sprinkled with nods and homages to its predecessors, such as:
      • "scene change" sequences, such as the already-classic Power Sword sequence
      • a retelling of some iconic plots, such as The Dragon's Gift or The Problem with Power
      • a soundtrack that cleverly integrates new elements with some of the most beloved classic themes from Filmation
      • some acknowledgement of the action movie's plot, with He-Man briefly visiting his mother's homeplanet

    I would structure it as a monumental quadrilogy, with each part focused on the storylines surrounding each of the four main villain factions:

    • Part I: The tales of present-day Eternia, with He-Man and his allies fighting Skeletor and his Evil Warriors as their main nemesis.
    • Part II: The chronicles of present-day Etheria, with She-Ra and the Rebellion fighting against Hordak and the Horde.
    • Part III: The past history of Eternia, from He-Ro and King Grayskull's Preternia until finally arriving at the present with the fight against the second rise of the Snakemen, the main antagonists of this part.
    • Part IV: The future adventures in the Tri-Solar system, with He-Man joining the Galactic Protectors in their fight against the Space Mutants and Skeletor.

    Supposing each part were offered as a 26-installment season, with a half-season break (13+13), a possible structural scheme offering a variety of episode lengths to accomodate both longer and shorter subplots, could be:

    • One long (60 min) season-opening special, establishing the central themes and story-arc for the corresponding part.
    • First block of 6 regular (30 min) episodes, developing the main subplots and character developments; intertwined with 5 installments of two short episodes each (15+15 min) for other character introductions and lesser storylines.
    • A mid-season two-part double episode (30+30 min), with the first part ending in a cliff-hanger.
    • Second block of intertwined 6 + 5x2 episodes.
    • One long season-finale special, connecting the concluding sub-story-arc with the next part.

    The full saga would thus be told through 4 seasons, encompassing 144 (36x4) episodes, offered in 104 (26x4) installments, for a total of 56 (14x4) hours of animation (the running time of 153 Filmation episodes, or 112 MYP episodes). Certainly an ambitious undertaking, but I think the greatness of the MotU mythos would deserve it.

    An idea for the general story-arcs could be:

    • Part I: Kickstarted with a shot of Captain Glenn leaving Earth and fortuitously arriving on Eternia, her meeting and marriage to King Randor, the fall and disappearance of his brother Keldor, the birth of the royal twins, with a brief glimpse of Hordak kidnapping Adora, and the Sorceress finally entrusting an adolescent Adam with the Power of Grayskull to become He-Man and defend Eternia against the new menace of Skeletor and his minions. This season would tell us the backstories of He-Man and his allies, as well as Skeletor and his minions, while taking us on a tour of the various regions and races of Eternia (the birdpeople of Avion, Granamyr and the dragons, the Andreenids, the Gars, the Qadians, etc.). A few episodes would take us on trip outside Eternia, briefly visiting some other planets and moons, such as Orko's homeplanet Trolla. The season finale would see He-Man travelling to Etheria, leading to the discovery of his long-lost sister.
    • Part II: Taking off with the events following Hordak's kidnapping of Adora as a young girl, her upbringing within the Horde and her defection to join forces with the Great Rebellion. The mid-season cliff-hanger would coincide with the first arrival of He-Man and his first encounter with Adora (like the first part's finale, but seen from her point of view). After the first family reunion, Adora would return to Etheria to continue the fight against Hordak, with the season's finale showing Hordak's return to Eternia and the news of the impending second rise of the Snakemen, with the Sorceress summoning Adora back to her homeplanet to join forces with his brother against the new great menace.
    • Part III: The Sorceress and He-Man travel back in time, taking us back to Preternia's world, where we learn of He-Man's ancestral origin, the Three Towers, King Grayskull's fight against the Snakemen and Hordak, He-Ro and the origin of the Power Sword, the construction of Castle Grayskull and the origin of Snake Mountain as the petrified remnant of Serpos. After a brief forward tour through history, meeting the various He-Men (Vikor, Oo-Lar, Wun-Dar), we'd arrive again at Eternia's present, with the Snakemen finally unleashed and intent on once again conquering Eternia. The season finale would see the defeat of the Snakemen and Skeletor fleeing towards the Tri-Solar System.
    • Part IV: The Sorceress summons He-Man to accomplish his new mission in Primus, joining forces with the Galactic Protectors in their fight against the Space Mutants that have allied with Skeletor. The season's finale would see Skeletor's final defeat and Adam's return to Eternia, where the Royal family is finally reunited.

    Just an idea, of course.
    Wow!!! I am 100% on board with this. BRING IT ON!!!

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    A more realizable variation on my previous idea could be to make 4 shorter seasons of 13 installments each (instead of 26), with each season opener made as a full-length (1h30m) feature film for theatrical release that would tell the main story arc of each part (rather than just its beginning, so that someone watching only the theatrical releases would still get a decent picture of the whole story arc of the saga). Each season of the weekly series, composed of 7 installments of regular 30-min episodes intertwined with 6 installments of two short 15-min episodes each (for a total of 19 episodes per 13-week season), would serve to flesh out the secondary themes and plots that the feature film would've merely hinted at (for example, in the first season feature we'd see the Qadians joining ranks with Randor and hear about some characters being Gars, whereas some weekly episode would take us to explore the land and background of the Qadians and another to visit Anwat Gar).

    The tetralogy of feature-length theatrical releases would serve to spark and maintain the general public awareness and interest in the franchise (which would otherwise be much more difficult with only a Cartoon Network TV series, as happened with the MYP series which many people never even heard about). And since all the audiovisual material for the weekly series and feature films would be stylistically consistent and rooted on the MotU Classics designs and canon, each season debut would be accompanied by a retail release of the relevant MotUC characters (He-Man, Skeletor, and the Heroic and Evil Warriors for the first season; She-Ra, Hordak, the Great Rebellion and the Evil Horde for the second; King Grayskull, He-Ro and the Snakemen for the third; and the Galactic Protectors and Space Mutants for the fourth), with the new Mattel development budgets devoted to adding the playsets, diorama accessories and vehicles that the line is so far missing.

    This approach would allow Mattel to leverage the investment they've already poured into the development of the MotU Classics line (they wouldn't need to develop a second toy line based on a different live-action movie style and the likenesses of its actors, which moreover would compete with—and probably kill—the MotUC line). It would also allow the weekly series to "reuse" the CGI material developed for the movies (therefore cutting down the overall production costs and thus making it more likely to see the full saga materialized), since they would only need to 3D-model the main landscapes and characters once, and their reuse wouldn't feel cheap (unlike the stock-animation approach of the Filmation series), because once you have a computer model, you can easily render it in many different ways with relatively minimal effort (e.g., once you've modelled the Royal Palace, you can render it using different angle, distance and lighting parameters to obtain very different-looking perspectives of it at different times of the day, with little more than a click of the mouse).

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyHall666 View Post
    It needs blood, guts, boobs and muscles. And the occasional motu character getting his head lopped off.
    The opposite of all of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swifty View Post
    The opposite of all of this.
    So more like episodes themed around Madam Razz giving Broom a big hug under a rainbow at sunset and telling him how much she cherishes his friendship?

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    I'd like it to be serialized starting in Pre-eternia with the battle against the snake men, moving on to the Keldor/Randor/Hordak timeline before launching into He-man. I like the in depth arching epic stories rather than 30 min burst of skeletor did this and he-man/whoever the secondary this week is defeats him.

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    I don’t like the title of this thread. The Classics line shouldn’t now equal the whole MOTU brand. If MOTU get's a proper brand re-launch, including a cartoon series, it won't have anything to do with the Classics line, and nor should it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merman79 View Post
    Nothing less than the look and the Story of the Alcala Minicomics.
    You sir, are a genius! That would be one awesome cartoon!
    200X fan? Classic fan? What does that mean? I'm a MotU fan!!!

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    I would like to see a new toon that is a fusion of the Filmation/MYP series, all the good, none of the bad. The environment and backdrops should be unusual, and lush with many colors as with Filmation, as opposed to the MYP often drab backdrops. While MYP did a great job at establishing the light/dark hemispheres, I sometimes found the vegetation bland. Also the lack of inter dimensional gate ways was missed in MYP, though I understand why it was omitted.

    I would like the character styles to reflect the subtle nuances of the toys, for instance, Tri-Klops having his daggers, and being a blend of a technical genius and and swordsman, and again, have classic and new elements. I would like to see the presence of certain 'missing' abilities, such as Skeletor's summoning of creatures, and Evil-Lyn's fireball transformation. While MYP did an amazing job at making characters like Mekaneck, Buzz-Off, Man-E-Faces, and Moss Man, far more interesting, it took a lot away from other characters (mainly the villains) for the sake of comic relief. I loathed it at times.

    One thing I could actually love to see in a MOTUC toon is the presence of The Royal Guardsmen. They were virtually non existent in MYP, and they should be there for the express purpose of being smashed by Skeletor's minions. Not only would having Clawful, Whiplash, Beast-Man and Skeletor himself tear through guards like they were paper dolls make for awesome visuals, it would increase the need for He-Man in what appears to be against hopeless odds. Very often in the Filmation (though the dialogue stated otherwise) and MYP, I felt that He-Man could at any point, walk up to Snake Mountain, knock on the door, single-handedly punch out everything that Skeletor threw at him, and effortlessly drag Skeletor to a prison cell. A new cartoon would be a great vessel to show that Skeletor and the awesome creatures he has assembled under him have to be approached with caution.

    Now that is not to say I would wish our beloved heroes to be on the receiving end of a beating every time Skeletor launches an assault, but I feel more cleverly orchestrated fights, and ones that end in dire straits for the heroes, just makes He-Man all the more important. MYP had some very memorable battles, which showcased the characters quite well, however for every one that I can recollect, I can think of a dozen elements I would have added, or altered to really kick up the action and the stakes... however I understand time constraints and budget. Still MYP had entire episodes that I would have nixed completely to allow the secondary characters more time to shine.

    It would also be great to see more of a power struggle between the 3 main evils on Eternia (Skeletor, King Hiss and Hordak), but I'm fine with Hordak being left for a future season to come with the inclusion of POP

    This video might give you a sense of the kind of fight sequences I would want for a MOTUC toon. Yes I get that its older now, and for a failed MMORPG, but the cinematic is amazing. It made me want to play the game... but the game kind of sucked...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eterniandreams View Post
    I, to some extend, agree with the above.
    MOTUC is aimed for the adult (collector).
    I would love to see a gritty adult cartoon (series)
    Hmm, kinda on the fence about a darker grittier series.
    As a more adult series would have us seeing characters being maimed or killed... not sure I wanna see my fav childhood characters being killed...even the villians.

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    Something very similar to the original or even the MYP cartoon. The story with a moral format works and anything else would not be He-Man, IMO.
    Personally I would like to see it done in a Pixar-style format like the Incredibles or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Replikor View Post
    Hmm, kinda on the fence about a darker grittier series.
    As a more adult series would have us seeing characters being maimed or killed... not sure I wanna see my fav childhood characters being killed...even the villians.
    I agree. If people want to see a fantasy featuring barbarians, monsters, nudity, & violence, check out Heavy Metal. Changing a franchise to fit one's tastes is foolish imo. Not only does it alter the franchise to the point of unrecognizabilty, you also end up with just as many, if not more, unhappy fans as you started ot with. If MOTU is not adult enough for some of you, you've probably outgrown it like most children of the 80's did. There are plenty of fantasy movies from the 80's the would be more to your liking.



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    I want Skeletor's skull to look like *gasp* A REAL SKULL. Don't make his eyes sockets frown like Filmation or 200x - make them nice & round.

    He looked creepy that way - just like in the Golden Books.


    Or give his skull a shrivelled layer of dead skin, like this:

    skeletor green.JPG
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    If not a full series, would you be happy with a MOTUC mini cartoon?

    I've just watched the awesome Titmouse Inc's 6 minut short for Diablo 3!

    I'd love these guys to tackle MOTU.

    If we couldn't get a full series, would you be happy with perhaps a few shorts?
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    Me too. I'd be happy with straight to dvd animated movies like what marvel is doing. I don't need a continuing series just some nice rounded stories.

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    any media is good media!!

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