View Poll Results: Do You Want To See Matty's New Ankle Rockers On The Future Figures ??????

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  • YES.. I Like It ! I Love Extra Articulation & I Have No Problems With The Gap !!

    10 12.82%
  • NO.. I Hate It ! I Dont Need That & I Prefer Pegless Boots Again From The Past MOTUC Figures !!

    48 61.54%
  • Maybe OK ! BUT... I Want Them To Be Perfect & Not Like What We've Seen On Filmation He-Man !!

    20 25.64%
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Thread: Do You Want To See Matty's New Ankle Rockers On The Future Figures ?????????

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    Do You Want To See Matty's New Ankle Rockers On The Future Figures ?????????

    Here's A Simple Question !

    Now that we've seen the close up images of Filmation He-Man's ankle rockers, do you think they should be featured on the future figures ? OR they gotta be chucked out from the production completely ??

    I think this will be nice feedback to the Mattel's current management. So I request the majority of you to participate in this poll !!!
    Matty Has Been Matted For 2017 !

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    Yeah, I like the posability. No worse than many other points of articulation for ruining the image of a real person. Bending at the knee is ALWAYS hideous on toys and it is such a front facing visible thing, but we all have trained ourselves to not see it because that's just how they look.

    Just like people wanted the wrist articulation for holding the sword, I'd argue being able to stand flat footed in more serious posing is a far more useful and wider ranging application of valuable articulation overall.

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    Where are the rest of my New Adventures Classics figures?!?!?

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    The figures never used to have any problems with their ankle posability till a year or so back so not sure why things keep getting changed for the worse.

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    It's not the joint itself I have a problem with, it's the way it was executed (calf too thin, too much separation in the joint connection). If they fixed that, I'd be okay with it.

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    Well the damage is already done. No point in wanting a new design. He-man is the main figure. This ****** me off, so much money spent and they come up with this crap.
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    Hate them, don't need them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekk-ra View Post
    It's not the joint itself I have a problem with, it's the way it was executed (calf too thin, too much separation in the joint connection). If they fixed that, I'd be okay with it.

    I'm all for more articulation if it's done right. This "new" design by Mattel though is pathetic.

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    No only because if we are going to possibly have some new first time Filmation based characters introduced in the now Club Grayskull, I want to keep the ankles uniform to our current collection.
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    I want them to be better but I do want them. I prefer this style of rocker to what we've been getting, which is either so loose you can't stand up or so tight you lose the rocker.

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    Yes! It has a purpose.
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    Better articulation and wiser flat footed stances...I see no issues with it at all. I don't see why people are so focused on the feet of a 7" action figure, when the **** isn't blown up on a huge ass monitor it's barely noticeable when the figure is posed and you're 4 feet away from it. I don't use magnifying glasses on my figures, so, I'm good with the better unrestricted articulation.
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    Its a cool feature but unless they can get it to look waaaaaay better I can live without it.

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    The ankles don't really bother me so far, and I suspect that we are stuck with them anyway for the rest of 2016--but for 2017 figures, they should probably just drop the rockers, unless they can improve them by then.

    However, even if the rockers remain as they are for 2017, and Mattel says nothing about them...well, the subscription sales will be strong regardless, and DOS will probably still be a pain...the ankle-related ranting will be epic, but the buying will be impressive as well.

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