This item was originally produced as a centerpiece for the "Lunch at the Daily Planet" event at the 2008 Tonner Convention in Lombard, Illinois—click here to watch behind the scenes as convention workers set up the luncheon and put the centerpieces in place.

Apparently, additional Tonner Daily Planet globes were also made available at Wizard World Philadelphia, but there were still about a dozen left over, and I received an e-mail offer from TONNERDirect, Tonner's online store to buy one, which is how I acquired mine.

According to the art director at Tonner, Inc., "Only 50 of these were made. I know we had a few damaged, so not even 50 exist intact."

A very rare item indeed. Don't let this one get away!

This item is in absolutely pristine condition, mint in the box—I removed it only once: to take these pictures.

The item will ship in two boxes—one for the crown, and one for the globe and base. E-mail me for shipping costs to your destination—and I do ship worldwide.

US$500 OBO.

If you're cautious about making this purchase, you can check my feedback rating on eBay here. The reason I'm not selling it on eBay is b/c Warner Bros. Entertainment had eBay pull the listing as an alleged violation of their intellectual property rights. Go figure.

NOTE: Superman is NOT included: for sale is the Daily Planet globe/crown/base ONLY!