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You have literally no idea how business works. They would have to charge more because they would only make a fraction of them compared to the Barbie sets they put in stores to turn any sort of profit, and they don't exist to lose money.

And my answer is no, I wouldn't buy it. Don't need a playset, since I don't play with the toys.
I know how the business works. The issue is money. But I do know that while it does cost money to make the tooling needed for the toy. But making them isn't that expensive. BUt the labor to put them together does. Mattel keeps saying that they don't have the money to make Castle Grayskull. But they keep making bonus figures with Toyguru's face on them, large scale figures and beasts. and other stuff. When the funds for all that could go toward making the Castle. Castle Grayskull itself is one of the major characters in MOTU. And claiming it would cost $300 is a joke when it shouldn't. If that was truly the case, the vehicles themselves will cost about $100! Maybe Mattel should reconsider issuing MOTUC in retail. Maybe then we could get Castle Grayskull! Make it an exclusive to Toys R Us. Especially since they said that the DC/MOTUC two packs are selling well. Selling the Castle in a retail store should cut the cost and make it more affordable to the fans.