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That's the thing for me, though. All it would be is a display piece for me. The inside part of the castle would probably never get messed with or even be displayed to be able to see it. So, I could care less what they add to the interior. What would be displayed, however, is the front of the castle with He-Man standing in front of the castle door that is almost the same height as him. It's like he's knocking on the front door of your own home. I don't think anybody wants anything massive, but what people are clamoring for is for an entrance door that the He-Man figure would have to glance up a bit to see the top of the door. It's a castle......They are meant to be enormous.

With the front being my reason for display, the small door is the difference between $300 and $0 for Mattel. I'm sorry, if it's not done right for the money that I'm spending, then I don't want it at all. I've shown non-collectors the pictures and they all thought the entrance should be bigger, and that was without me giving them any of my input, beforehand.
In the latest video, the door is measured to be 7-8". The MOTUC figures are built to a 6" scale, no? How much more room are you looking for? 10" 12" 36"? Anything more than what we're getting is unrealistic for a small-run $300 castle like what we're getting.