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Thread: MOTUC Castle Grayskull Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by eurorko View Post
    Has anyone that ordered on the 25th get shipment confirmation? I was able to snag Grayskull, but my order is still in process. This worries me that I might not actually get one.
    I ordered CG the 25th and got the shipment confirmation yesterday.

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    i made two orders on the 25th and another on the 27th...two have been marked as shipped... but still waiting on one of the orders i made on the 25th... I've emailed customer service twice but no response

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    Finally purchased one on eBay. Very excited to have this, and dreaming that Snake will follow from Super 7!
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    Now that it has been over a year since release... I am interested in one. I don't believe the vintage toy is really good enough as a display piece, plus their plastic is getting more and more brittle. The 200X is okay but I'm not a fan of it much. If I get one I'd likely go for this version.

    But it's going to cost me $350-$400 after postage. For that I could buy a current gen game console, a new computer and other things. It's what I spent on a new washing machine earlier this year. I won't have room to display it opened, it'd go in the corner between my He-Man and Skeletor shelves and probably be taken down and opened only rarely.

    In that regard, is this thing really worth the $400 I'd have to sink into it? It's going to be a display piece that costs a lot of money.

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    ...Absolutely!!! It looks GREAT displayed closed on a shelf as a "collection centerpiece" with MOTUC Figures, plus it is fun as an open display/"play" piece! Beyond a little floor to ceiling height issue on the first floor, it's awesome!!
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    The only Castle Grayskull I currently have is the 200X Four Horsemen version; great toy, and definitely far superior to the original '80's Vintage version. I got this @ a clearance store called "Tuesday Morning" for an amazing price back around the mid-200X's.

    Yes, this MOTUC Greyskull looks amazing, and is definitely the best version of the toy out there. However, I just can't justify the expensive price. As was said, with shipping it will be close to $400 and that's a lot of $.

    That being said, if I ever walked into a retail store & saw this for sale for around $300 (which I know will never happen) I may consider this...since I would only have to pay for tax, not shipping. The difference between $300 and $400 may not seem like much, but $300 would definitely be the most I would be able to pay for this...

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    Not long after Super 7 announced the Ultimates, thus convincing me to finally start collecting MOTUC, I decided that I had to have Castle Grayskull. By some stroke of luck, I immediately found one on eBay, brand new, for $240 shipped. It is an amazing toy/display piece, but I can't say for certain whether or not I would have jumped if it had been $400.

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    Yeah, Super 7's involvement has gotten me back into the line, too. I had 30-something Mattel figs, then sold them all. Picked up the Battle Ram, Wind Raider, and a Ram Man (since it looks like Super 7 won't be releasing the red version any time soon). Still need Battle Cat and Panthor. What I love about this line is that all the vehicles are to scale, which is sort of why I've been hesitant about Grayskull--looks great, but also looks like a cabin next to the figs. Basically just picking up vehicles for now, as it's unclear whether Super 7 will be re-releasing more of the core figures from the '82-'83 era, which are the only ones I want.
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