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Because some fans really like the symetrical and pronounced skull like features of the Filmation Castle Grayskull face. Those angry eyes and massive and imposing teeth were epic and gave many children a sense of wonder, Awe and a sense of the magic and Power that was inside the Castle. It's look is just as iconic as the design elements from the vintage toy and prototype...and arguably more well known that the Asymetrical look of the face on Mart Taylors prototype castle. That to me in all honsety looks like it's got gum disease and is a delapated crumbeling ruin, not something that would house the gratest power in the universe. Nothing like the immensly powerful and stern look we find in the face of Filmation Grayskull and the vintage toy box art!

If there is not enought Filmation influance in the castle design Mattel will turn many fans of the Pre-Order. At the end of the day the savage cannon fans will have a lovely B-Sheet design to fawn over but that will be it! The same rings true for Filmation fans and wanting a pure Filmation design, I imagine many savage cannon fans will more than likely not support the pre-order. Finding a middle ground that brings in lots of the iconic design emements of Castle Grayskull's over the years would surely be the best way to unite both groups of fans and will hopefully mean enough pre-orders are achieved in order for MOTUC Castle Grayskull to go into production?
And many fans remember the vintage playset, the boxart or the decrepit Alcala castle just as epic and awe-inspiring. That worn-out, sinister look is what Masters of the Universe is all about for me. All the early stuff had this mysterious and even a bit creepy vibe to it. Eternia was a desolate and barbaric place, a world in ruins, before Filmation came and turned it into something childish and dull.

I think it makes a lot of sense that Mattel and the 4 Horsemen are taking Mark Taylor's version as a point of departure. They should start off from their own original vision and not from Filmation's watered down derivative. It's not because millions of people watched the cartoon and less than a million ever owned the actual playset that the Filmation version would be the more iconic one. I'm quite certain that most of the people who watched the TV series won't remember exactly what Castle Grayskull's teeth or the shape of its eyes looked like, they will merely remember that it was a green castle with a big skull in front.

Besides, the Pre-Filmation fans and the vintage fans are more or less on the same page when it comes to Castle Grayskull's visuals. Filmation, however, is a total departure.