Hi Folks

I am seriously stoked in that I will actually get to own a Castle Grayskull. I never had one when I was a kid since my parents could never afford in buying one for us. So this is somewhat a dream come true for me. After seeing the foam core mock up from Scott, I basically decided then I will preorder it. I am looking forward to Toy Fair in February since I am sure we will see something more fleshed out from Mattel and the 4H next year. I already have an area picked out for it right above my desk (IF it will fit).

I also feel that with the preorder still being left open for people to buy, that there is a possibility that Scott and the 4H MAY give us more value for our money. I really cannot see them deducting anything from the project.

So hats off to everyone who preordered to make this happen. We all deserve a nice pat on the back.