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Thread: MOTUC Castle Grayskull Discussion Thread

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    MOTUC Castle Grayskull Discussion Thread

    UPDATE 4: February 26th Q&A with Scott Neitlich

    Also, video measurement of Castle Grayskull prototype


    UPDATE 3: February 5, 2013 Mattycollector: Teaser Close-Up Of Castle Grayskull!


    UPDATE 2: October 26th Q&A with Scott Neitlich!


    UPDATE: Price to be $250.
    Quote Originally Posted by Toyguru
    It looks like to avoid cost reducing it we are going to set the price at 250.00. That does not include shipping.

    Castle Grayskull Pre-Order Commercial:


    So, through the MOTU franchise of action figures, we've gotten two different Castle Grayskulls. While neither resembled their cartoon counterpart that much, both were worthy to serve as the base of operations for our Masters of the Universe.

    Now I know that a MOTUC Castle Grayskull is far off, but i got to thinking about what I would want/expect it to be.

    First, I expect that Mattel would be very hesitant to make a 3 or 4 wall Castle. And since 2 walls has never really done a good job of creating the illusion of a complete castle, I thought why not simply produce the front facade of the castle, perhaps with full towers? Although I would prefer a 4 wall castle, that dream doesn't seem realistic, and the 1 wall castle would at least have the advantage of taking up less display space.

    So my first question is: would you be ok with a CG that was just the front wall and half or full towers?

    My second and third question are basically around size and scale. What size would would you be content with for the MOTUC CG? Personally, I think a MOTUC CG should be at least as large as the 200X one (though larger would be better), since that castle set the bar for size.

    Lastly, what size do you THINK the castle would have to be to really be in scale with the line? I know CG has been depicted as different sizes in a lot of mediums, but I'm gonna guess that it would have to be at least 5 ft X 5 ft X 5 ft.

    Here are some pics to get your thoughts going:

    3 differet store displays. I love the rocky base of the second one. The third one, while not the prettiest sculpt, is awesomely HUGE!

    A picture of my FAVORITE MOTU custom (Joe Amaro's CG)
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