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Check out this photoshop of a middle ground Castle Grayskull design by the super tallented Alessandra. It's silimar to the vintage CG box art over all. However, it has almost all the details from Mark Taylor's prototype design, eyes and cheeks similar to the vintage box art. It has a nose and big chunky teeth silimar to the Filmation design and some what akin to the vintage toy box art teeth and nose. Personally I think this kind of hybred design gives something to all fans of Castle Grayskull rather than just honoring one look. The design needs to appeal to the widest range of fans to support the pre-order. I know this won't be to everyones liking, but as a happy medium (just like the vintage box) I think it's great and contains a number of the iconic elements that fans have absoloutely loved about Castle Grayskull over the years.

THIS! This is it! The PERFECT façade!