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True though that I mostly hear fans remember mini-comics and Filmation when they think about the characters.
And then the question becomes 'which mini-comics'? There are about four different phases the comics go through. 1982 is the four illustrated storybooks that you seem to either love passionately or have never heard of before the Internet. 1983's stories exist in an almost transitional Eternia most like the DC mini-series (makes sense, considering that they were done by DC) but without Prince Adam and Cringer. Most of the 1984 mini-comics (with the possible exceptions of 'The Clash of Arms' and 'He-Man and the Insect People') are adaptations of cartoon plots, although very loose ones in some cases. In 1985, the mini-comics seem to finally settle down (and start getting rights to use Orko and Prince Adam's Filmation look--the Sorceress and Royal Family will have to wait another year for proper colors) into their own continuity, with a heavier focus on introducing the new characters they're packaged with. They don't really start evincing any real strong signs of internal continuity until 1986, though.