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Sorry Nate but thats not good enough for me personally. I didn't come to know He-Man by the toys and early mini comics and media....it was the Filmation cartoon...seeing Adam transforming infront of Filmation Grayskull. Why would a Filmation Snake Mt be appealing to me when there is no Filmation Influance in MOTUC Castle Grayskull design to complement it? I feel the 4H and Mattel have made a poor choice to not work some elements of the iconic Filmation design into the visuals for MOTUC Grayskull. A hybred approach between the Filmation Castle Grayskull & the classic toy box art that included elements from the prototype castle would have cast the net as far and as wide as possible attracting the attention from fans across the board. But Mattel & the 4H have chosen to ignore the Filmation look which was a risky move, hopefully it pays off and there are enough fans of this non filmation/non classic toy playset look to make it happen. Sadly I can't support it.
Fair enough, I can respect your opinion.
I'll be honest. I see a fan not buying Grayskull, and I want to try and sell it to you... I'm trying!

Here's another attempt at a lame illustrator being an even more lame salesman... It's a stretch... You never know what the 4H will do! Maybe they'll throw in a swappable throne? A magic portal? Scott did say the blueprints were the LEAST the castle would have!