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Thread: Filmation He-Man and She-Ra now up on iTunes

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    Filmation He-Man and She-Ra now up on iTunes

    Looks like Classic Media has finally put some episodes up like they mentioned they planned on doing. There are now episodes of both He-Man and She-Ra that you can purchase in the iTunes store (USA). Looks like 33 episodes of He-Man and 20 episodes of She-Ra.



    Everyone with iTunes accounts should make sure to put up some positive reviews about each series.

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    Is secret of the sword included?

    edit: I bought the episodes that make up "Secret of the Sword" but something weird happened....I wasn't billed for one episode!

    edit#2: well, checked and they were just slow adding it to my purchase history
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    Just wondering about the iTunes releases - quality wise, are they the same, better or worse then the DVD releases? The covers they went with are so blah!

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