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    Help with MotU term paper

    My paper has been submitted - thanks for your help, everyone!!!
    Please see my post below for the final version of the paper.

    I am an MBA student at the University of Iowa and for my Brand Management class we were given the opportunity to select our own term paper topic. As a huge lifelong fan of Masters, I jumped at the chance to write about MotU! Specifically, my paper focuses on what Mattel has done to transfer brand equity (success/strength of the MotU brand) from the original 1980's MotU line to the current Classics line.

    I've run into a few questions that I don't know the answers to and I was hoping some of you here in the forums might be able to help... If you can verify answers or provide reference links, that'd be great! I'll post more questions as they get answered. Thanks in advance!

    If you'd like to be formally referenced in the paper, send me a pm and I'll pop you into the Works Cited as a "personal communication". And, if people are interested, I'd be happy to post the final version of the paper here in the forums.

    Answered Questions (Thanks, everyone!):
    Was the Commemorative Series originally planned for two waves or was it supposed to continue and was canceled?
    Was the Commemorative Series a Toys R Us exclusive? If not, what other retailers carried it?
    When were the first and last wave of staction figures released?
    What was the situation that allowed the production of staction figures after the cancellation of the 200x MotU line?
    Was the sculpting for the New Adventures series done in-house at Mattel, like the 1980s original line?
    Who's sculpting the Classics line?
    What were the original retail prices of 1980's MotU, Commemorative, New Adventures, 200x, and Staction figures?
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