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Thread: Who or what will be the first 100% original figure out?

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    Who or what will be the first 100% original figure out?

    Let's say, for the sake of wanting to say something, that the Masters of the Universe Classics goes on an on and on, beyond the original. Now let's say they begin running low on previously produced characters and those main characters that never got a figure (Marlena, Marzo) and were forced to begin producing ALL NEW Figures.

    Would any of these qualify or is there something other than this that you imagine?

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    Architeuthis dux Squid's Avatar
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    I've been having a gut feeling from the beginning, that the Queen will be the first all new figure.
    Just too bad that we can't get the Filmation Marlena.
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    I voted for the Guard. I am hoping that Marlena gets produced also, but she was sort of tken out of the arena by the Captjahn. I agree that it's too bad we won't get Filmation Marlena.
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    The skeleton warrior seemed the most likely from these.

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    I'd think we'd get some newly created Masters that fill roles not yet taken.

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    Other. Probably something entirely new from the minds of the 4H.

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    The Cerebral Assassin hhhelmsley's Avatar
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    I like the "were forced to begin producing ALL NEW Figures" part of your post. I vote for the Royal Guard.

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    IMO MotUC should die after all the characters have been released. Do someone remembers it's called "classics"?
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    AZ Mazter Shokoti's Slave's Avatar
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    If they create a Royal Guard for MOTUC, I for one would love to see him in the style of the latest MVC creations. Now those guys looked formidable! Seemed to have a bit of an Egyptian look in their helmet and armor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uki View Post
    I voted for the Guard. I am hoping that Marlena gets produced also, but she was sort of tken out of the arena by the Captjahn. I agree that it's too bad we won't get Filmation Marlena.
    Well, Marlena from ''He-man & the insect people'' minicomic is damn close enough for me, imo. If they can make that Marlena, it'll be close enough to satisfy any fan. looks very much like the filmation Marlena. same style, green dress, golden crown, etc. They can't touch Filmation right now, but they can do the minicomics....

    100% original figure? in terms of what, the mold... the character?

    in terms of the mold, i'm guessing it'll be Teela, since she's female and will be the first all new (not reused) mold. once other females come along, they'll re use some of teela's parts, but Teela being the first female will be the first 100% new sculpt.

    in terms of the's anybody's guess. Maybe Marzo, He-ro, marlena, or any other never made in toy form character.
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    Skeleton Warriors.

    I hope that these guys DO get made & get released in 2-Packs at a cheaper price for easy army building.

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    Evil Villain!!! adam03's Avatar
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    Why no option for King Hsss? I`d guess him as the first non reused parts figure!

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    it was the royal guard right?

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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    skeleton warriors are something I really want & feel they should be 100% new tooled.
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