View Poll Results: What bonus acessories would you like to see the most?

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  • Extra Heads

    48 59.26%
  • weapons and armour sets based on old ones (repainted armour the same as the old packs)

    29 35.80%
  • resculpted weapons and armour from past lines (IE: dragon blaster skeletor armour, 200x parts)

    31 38.27%
  • completely new weapons and armour

    12 14.81%
  • other (plz state)

    6 7.41%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What kind of bonus acessories would you prefer?

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    Wasteland Wanderer Fneh's Avatar
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    What kind of bonus acessories would you prefer?

    Assuming matty give us acessory packs like there was for the original line, what would you like to see most?

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    Heroic Warrior Power Sword's Avatar
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    I'm going with resculpted armor & weapons from the past lines. I would really like Ice-Armor He-Man gear. I love that fur cape & spiked shoulder armor. I want it in his original colors though. Instead of a white fur cape, have it be reddish brown like his loincloth. Instead of the straps colored blue, have them gray.
    Then, when Matty is ready, they can release Ice-Armor He-Man in his traditional Ice colors. with blue & white all over.

    The figures armor is removable anyway, why not make interchangeable gear?

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    Heroic Warrior Kinghsss456's Avatar
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    I agree with you Power Sword. That is a great idea to make the different armors to fit the figures now. I would imagine that it would be cheap to produce.

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    The Cerebral Assassin hhhelmsley's Avatar
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    Resculpted weapons and armour from past lines.

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    I concur wholeheartedly with my compatriots here. I was surprised with that decision, too, as I first intended to vote for remakes of the past. I like the idea quite a bit.
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    Heroic Warrior artodron's Avatar
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    All good ideas. I'd like them all.

    I'd like to have the Grayskull weapons rack weapons from the 80s. Scaled up so they work with MOTUC. Maybe even include the rack.
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    I chose Extra heads, but I also want an 'Extra Heads' accessory pack to have extra hands in it too, so He man can have a non grip hand and Skeletor a Grip Left hand (for those that want it, I personally dont see the need,IMO) same for Mer man etc.

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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    I'm happy with repainted weapons/armor, unreleased accessories, heads ect.
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