Hey, DisneyBoy! long time no see!
Give me a break! She-Ra's hair is one of the things I like the most, haha...
Now seriously, thank you! You were always critic in a good way, and that makes us to want to improve so we can shut your mouth down j/k
We really appreciate your words and we're happy you like our customs more and more.

Shut me down, by all means I'm glad you don't take my feedback as a put-down, because that's absolutely not how I intend it. And what's to say you have to continue refining your style? You've clearly put a lot of work into these figures and if you're happy with them as they are, then you're where you want to be! Don't ever let anyone take away from your enjoyment of that or sense of pride.

I've NEVER made a custom. If I did, it would come out looking like a blob of peanut butter, I assure you.

*keeps looking at Entrapa*

You know what? I don't even like that character...but this custom MAKES me like her. She looks SPOT ON. The colors even work! Wow. Impressed.