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Thread: MOTUC showdown: Stratos vs. Mer-Man

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    MOTUC showdown: Stratos vs. Mer-Man

    Okay, so we've already debated who would win in a battle between Stratos and Beast Man.

    Well, I hate to re-use a character so soon, but we're a bit limited on MOTUC Heroic Warriors at the moment...
    So lets pitch the lord of the air versus the lord of the ocean - STRATOS vs. MER-MAN.

    Lets look at the brief stats:
    STRATOS - has the ability to fly (obviously), a noble leader of the Birdmen, does not carry a weapon
    MER-MAN - has command over sea creatures, has been shown to be cold hearted, carries a sword and trident

    We'll use their MOTUC 'versions' (ie. bios, etc,), and for sake of argument they are only armed with any weapons the MOTUC figure comes with - hence no "xxx pulls out a laser gun!"

    And please remember, this is a battle scenario, not voting for your favourite character.

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