Since I'm still busy, and I don't know when I will get around to posting these properly, I thought I'd spill some Princess of Power artwork I've had for a while.

I'm thrilled to see Emiliano's Shadow Weaver in Toy Fare. My own version wasn't all that different, which is cool. I'll be sure to modify mine to closer resemble Emiliano's in the future as his vision is pretty spot on to what 200X was all about, in my view.

Here's She-Ra and my take on Adora.

Perfuma is a hard character to take seriously, but I tried to approach her (and most of the PoP girls) as a kind of Disney princess who strays into a more serious high fantasy setting. I was also thinking that flowers and grass grow in her path as if brought to life by her touch--kind of like the Forest Spirits in the Princess Mononoke.

I tried for more Mediterranean features on Peakablue. I don't think the feathers work so well though and I think I need to redraw them.