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Thread: WTFWTK 2.20 - Ask your questions here!

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    You said in a previous question about armor that characters with fullarmor will have a scuplted lower torso I.E. Hordak which you thought was "neat". I agree now after seeing Hordak without his armor he does look neat no complaints. But for characters like King Randor Clamp Champ Fisto how will they look "neat" with scultped lower torso armor but human upper torso? are they going to have armor under their armor to blend in? Is the lower torso sculpt being done in a way that the figure will still be aesthetically pleasing to the eye without their armor. Say i have Fisto fight Hordak and Hordak blasts Fisto with his crossbow destroying Fisto's armor can the battle wage on or will Fisto have to call time out so he can get his armor back on to look cool again?

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    Is there any chance that a future release of Hordak, such as a re-release of a standard version or versions of Hurricane or Buzz Saw, would include a more classic-looking head? I ask, because Man-At-Arms will include a 200X version of the Power Sword, and the Hordak figure that's set for release has a more 200X-type head, so why not have a classic version of Hordak's head, since the original epitomized creepy and evil and the head of the 200X version (staction) and the MOTUC, in my opinion seemed/seems more worried/concerned and bulldog-like than vampiric and evil?
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    It seems there is a sizable portion of fans that don't like MOTUC because it is not proportionally in scale. Most fans would be appease if at the very least Beast Man, Tung Lasher, and Clawful were produced to be larger. We know we'll likely get them at the same size as He-man and co. first. But is there any hope of seeing someone like Beast Man or these others re-released in a larger version? Even if you reused half the parts but made a new torso and a few other key body parts to create this largeness effect I think many fans would be very excited. THey could be Deluxe versions. :-)
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    If the Quantity of Figures stays at the same level after Tri-klops, will we also see some Figures with completely unique Sculpts?
    Because nearly the half of characters in the classic MOTU-World had a unique Skulpt! What are your plans about this?

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    How bad are the illegal ebay figures hurting mattels "surprise" factor and willingness to continue with suprises? And what is Mattel doing to put an end to these auctions?
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