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Thread: Notorious for wanting certain characters and what's next after you get them?

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    First get me Stinkor, then I'll have to think about who I want most next. But I started my action figure collecting with He-Man and Stinkor back in like. '86.. so.. I would like that to come full circle..

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    The most desired figure for me is actually finally being made: The Faceless One!

    So now I have to think of what is my next most desired figure...probably my next would be Stinkor, especially if he comes with a little "pre-transformation" Odiphus! In my mind, we really need his Odiphus form along with his Stinkor form, so it would only be an awesome figure if you got BOTH. It's a super long shot since it would probably have to be a SDCC figure to get both, but that would be super awesome in my mind.

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