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Thread: How to cast stuff in resin

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    How to cast stuff in resin

    Okay, I never cast any stuff before and I know some of you want to try it too.

    So I got me some stuff and I will try to cast a MOTUC He-man axe in transparant resin, Ice armour blue or Faker orange..

    I will post the pictures here for those who are interested. I am following some how-to's I found on the net and youtube.

    First the stuff. I bought silicone rubber, clear resin and some pigment to colour it:

    I saw someone build a box out of LEGOs, which I thought was pretty clever since you can adjust the size and take away a side when you want to open the box.

    I want to make a 2-piece mold, so I filled the first layer with Sculptey and pressed the axe in it.

    I placed a small piece of LEGO on one side which will be the pouring hole and some dents to be fitting pegs for the silicone mold.

    Then I mixed the silicone stuff and poured it over the axe:

    And now we wait for the silicone stuff to harden. It should take 48 hours.

    As you can probably tell I am a newbie at this.
    So suggestions are always welcome.

    Also, please let me know in the thread if you appreciate this. If no-body on the forum has any need for this I won't bother anyone with it

    See you in 48 hours!

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    looks good man,
    I've seen the LEGO box before when making molds, and it's a great to use.
    I made custom moulds out of air hardening clay in stead of the rubber..
    the only problems I've come across so far is the clay parts can only be used once, and some of the clay might end up in the molded parts..

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    Johnny E:
    I'm glad you posted some pics as we've been needing them updated, but a lot of this is already posted in the Custom Tips and Tutorials thread. If you get more pics/updates, please be sure and PM them to me, and I will incorporate them into the thread!

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