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Thread: WTFWTK 2.22 - Ask your questions here!

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    With the reveal of Battle Armor He-Man as the January bonus figure are there still plans to rerelease/reissue He-Man in October/November like it was planned, or are those who missed out on the figure when he was first released out of luck and have to settle for one with a silver painted chest?

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    Many fans are receiving figures with loose ankle joints. This is something that we cannot obviously photograph. What will/can be done to ensure this is not a problem in the future? Three of my figures (He-Man, MAA, and Hordak) have suffered from this. Check out the following link to hear from others on this issue:

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    Out of curiosity, its been stated that no vehicles are to be produced at this current time, but large scale beasts are. Do Battle Bones, Stridor, Nightstalker and Mantisaur count as beasts or vehicles?
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    I have read that the 4 Horsemen wanted to do Scare Glow with a glow in the dark skeleton encased in a translucent body. Is this even feasible? If so, would there be a chance of a re-do for Scare Glow further down the line? Maybe as a bonus release?

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    The subscription service is something that MOTUC fans have been looking forward to for some time! Has any consideration been given to a pre-order system for bonus figures and creatures and if not, could the bonus items that are not available by subscription go on sale at 8pm eastern to allow all of the working folks in different time zones have a chance to purchase these items? Many of your potential customers are working at noon eastern and do not have access to the internet for personal use.
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    Thoughh it wasn't mentioned at the Mattypalooza panel, is there a chance that Zodak will come with a 2nd helmet-less head to truly look like the 200X figure? And if it was never planned to release him with 2 heads, is it too late to have one sculpted before his October release?
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    As an International buyer I find it very hard to individually order figures due to the vast shipping amount difference. It's one of the major concerns for me not to enter the subscription. Will Matty provide a middle order shipping option, one that will atleast provide a tracking number at a resonably lower cost than Priority shipping?
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    Now that Trap Jaw has been made, what are the chances that King Hiss will get made?
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    Will you consider to remove the leafs from the Green Godess, cause she didnīt have them in the Comic and it would also differentiate her even more from Teela.

    Is the 200x left Shoulder strap from Trap Jaw , removeable?

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    Can you please clear somethings up about Bonus figures? Are they going to be produced in a lesser quantity then regular monthly figures, and if so by how much, and as a result will there be a lower limit placed on how many you can order?

    A lot of fans are worried by the time they add the regular monthly figure to there cart, they will get stuck at the red screen again going back to get the Bonus figure and they will sell out.

    Thanks for your time and info.

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    It was revealed at the SDCC that there are going to be "original characters" introduced into the MOTUC line in the future. When this does happen, will these characters be part of the yearly subscription or will they be considered bonus figures? Personally,I am only interested in established characters from the toyline, cartoons or the mini-comics. I'd hate to be forced into buying a character I don't want and didn't order the subscription for.
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    Seeing as there have been a couple raffles for exclusive MOTU items at the last two SDCC, and that many fans will never be able to attend a live convention for the chance to own these rare items, is there any chance of having special online raffles for exclusive items? You could sell online raffle numbers for $10.00 a piece for a month, then have the drawing the following month.
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    Why are international fans charged with 3$ tax for subscription orders?

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    WIth the huge success of MOTUC, and the ridiculous 45 minute sell outs, have you considered taking a chance on a more popular figure, say Teela or Trap Jaw, and doubling production numbers? Those characters will sell out eventually, but at the current rate of things, I'm afraid that with current numbers, they will sell out in less than 30 minutes.
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    What percentage, if any, does Mattel receive from the shipping and handling charges on purchases?

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