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Thread: Teela Prototype 2.0 at Wizard World Philly! Pics!

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    Teela Prototype 2.0 at Wizard World Philly! Pics!

    On display today at Wizard World Philadelphia, booth #400 - the Four Horsemen's booth - was Teela in all her painted beauty. If you look at her rear, you'll notice there's also something different from NYCC.

    At the 4HM's panel, I asked them if there was anything different about this prototype from the one at NYCC. Cornboy replied, "You mean did we fix her booty?" And he said the answer was yes, they did go back and change it. Eric Treadway added that it was because of the "pages and pages" of "unanimous" opinion. Later I stopped by their booth to grab pics, and Cornboy was kind enough to take Teela out of the case so that I could get some clearer visuals (the glass was screwing up the focus on my camera, hence why the last couple of pics are a little fuzzy). So without further ado, here's my photos:

    If you post in this thread, make sure to thank the 4HM for their help in getting these photos.

    EDIT: In retrospect I'm not happy with the way the focus was on a lot of these photos. My apologies; it's a new camera I just got yesterday, and I'm still trying to figure out the nuances of the auto-zoom.
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