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Thread: Teela Prototype 2.0 at Wizard World Philly! Pics!

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    Totally understand what everyone is talking about with the feet, but Teela is still sporting something different (though, as it was pointed out, we still may not see it in the final).

    See, Webstor has those pegs that are gone in the final like the rest of them (and they all have a little side to side movement) but Teela has articulation in the whole ankle, allowing her to be able to completely move her foot to either side (looking like a broken ankle, at the extreme). Once again, I'm not saying that this is gona be in the final, since we have already seen the peg there and gone in the process. However, we only see that peg in the back of the heel gone; Teela has something else, so we may lose the peg, but we might still get that new ankle joint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baena View Post
    Yup, and I believe that was the ONLY time Alcala drew Teela with the headdress on. All other times he drew Teela's character, she was free of the armor.
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    I think it is because some females gets high heels. So they can change the shoes easier and the new female feet articulation would be better for high heels.

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