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Thread: MOTU Minimates

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    MOTU Minimates

    I was curious what fan interest would be in a MOTU Minimate line. I used to collect Trek figs but had little interest in the initial mini's. I have however come to love Lord of The Ring Minimates. While surfing for Toy Fair news, it occured to me that MOTU would make for some interesting minimates. I'd like to hear your opinions.

    Mecha Bite Battle Cat, Mecha Bite Panthor, Sy-Klone (repaint), Man-E-Faces (repaint), Trap & Smash Orko, Ice Armor Skeletor, Trap Jaw (repaint), Blood Red Skeletor, Tattoo'd He-Man from Euro Dragon Walker

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    The MOTU Minimates look more like cartoon characters than figures judging by their looks.
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