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Thread: New Video: 2015 Chase Figure is...

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    New Video: 2015 Chase Figure is...

    "That's very interesting...but silly."

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    I love glow in the dark figures. Not overly fussed about another King Grayskull, but the figure looks neat enough. I presume they will be posting more videos over the weekend by the sound of it.
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    Another variant/recolor...
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    King Grayskull grew on me after while. I love the new green deco on him! The Glow in the Dark feature is pretty cool!

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    Cool looking figure and a good choice for a chase slot.
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    I think after all the people that threw fits over Loo-Kee and Kowl only being available as chase figures there was no way they weren't going to do a variant. I also like the idea of giving everyone the chance to have a Spirit of Grayskull figure.
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    I hate these chase variants.
    But I love this figure! I can't wait!
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    Well, the good news is, it's not a "necessary" figure the way Loo-Kee is.

    Hey, wait a second. Was he looking at incoming sales results on-line... WHILE DRIVING HOME FROM THE AIRPORT??!?! Please, Scott, tell me that somebody else drove the car while you looked at your phone.

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    Hmmm, pretty cool I guess. GitD feature is fun and he will look good next to Spirit of Hordak. Glad the weapons will be GitD too.
    King Grayskull isn't one of my favourite characters though so he does feel like a bit of a waste of a slot. I know they had to do a re-deco in that slot to be cost effective but I'd rather it'd been a different character personally.
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    *yawn*....This is kind of lame. I was hoping for a new character not another variant.
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    Great choice! Extremely excited for this one. Wish it was closer to the origional but I'm a sucker for GID .
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    I'd prefer a Slime Pit He-Man, but this figure looks neat enough. I'll take it.

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    I was hoping for a new character since 2015 could be the end of MOTUC.

    But, on the plus size, at least I don't have to stress about trying to buy one like with Kowl and Loo-Kee!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The All American View Post
    I'd prefer a Slime Pit He-Man, but this figure looks neat enough. I'll take it.
    For about a half-beat I thought it actually was going to be this figure ----^ but alas another redo of a figure we already have. It will be a pass for me, but I'm happy for those who will be enjoying this figure when he becomes available. Glow-in-the-dark is fun!
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    Huh? This isn't really "maximizing slots." I'd much rather have seen a figure that couldn't have been fit in elsewhere. At this point, there's many cool figures that will never get made in Classics, so it feels really weird to do a Spirit of Grayskull. Especially since this kind of devalues the specialness of the original Spirit of Grayskull. Even if it being a chase figures means that it's tougher for some to get, at least something like Dylamug would get made.

    That being said, I'll definitely be picking one up, I love glow in the dark figures, I think King Grayskull is a great looking figure, and the glow in the dark weapons should be a lot of fun.
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    Pretty cool selection for a chase figure! I love that he glows in the dark! I like that it's different enough from the ones that were raffled off so it doesn't take away from the specialness of those handful of figures. It's a win-win.
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    This is just sad. 2015 I am not impressed at all. Huntara and Lizardman r the only things keeping my interest aside from the last 3 POP girls. Which hopefully Scott reveals at least one in the next video.

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    I'm so done with the variants. I'm glad I don't have to try and chase after it when it pops up for sale.

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    I can dig it! Thumbs up for the glow-in-the-dark feature.

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    First he said he would reveal the figure in 2 seconds and then it takes him a whole 20 seconds to actually do it! More lies from ToyGuru!!

    *just kidding, cool figure!

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    Easy pass for me. But good luck for all who want him
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    Mattel has me at "Glow in the dark". I can't pass up any glowing action feature. When I first saw him reveal the figure, I was like, "Meh.....I'd buy it if it glowed in the dark"......and then Toyguru announced that it did.
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    I call shenanigans. We were repeatedly told that all of the SKUs need to be maximized. For me, this is not maximizing SKUs, especially after we were told that there wasn't room for Lord Masque, Tuskador, and Darius in 2015. To be clear, there is room for Spirit of Grayskull, but not Lord Masque. Got it.
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    Sure, would have prefered a new character instead of a repaint, but I kinda like him. Love the glow-in-the-dark feature and think it's pretty neat that he's green, just like the castle that bears his name.

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