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Thread: Post your "MIX & MATCH" MOTUC figure Photos!!

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    Thanks guys!

    I actually didn't think I'd enjoy the weapons pak as much as I have been!

    And now I'm looking forward to more paks, and possibly head packs, or even "build-your-own-MOTU-warrior" paks, that would include various pieces of each body part of the MOTUC figures, from different feet to different heads, kinda like the classic Modulok and Multi-Bot figures...

    Especially because now I really want a Cosmic enforcer from each major color of the light spectrum (i.e. green, blue, yellow...) acting similar to the Green Lantern Corps et al. ...But in the MOTU, there is only ONE enforcer for EACH color in the spectrum, however, that still would allow for potentially 'billions' of enforcers, given the actual 'range' of each major color (i.e. all the yellows and greens between pure yellow and pure green.) And in the meantime, before we are granted with any such pak from Mattel, I'm left wanting to buy multiples of various other released figures, in order to turn them into someone new!

    And here are just two more simple mixes, pretty much not even worth mentioning, but here you go anyway, in the meantime!

    Savage Henchman At Arms!

    He-Man And His New Inter-Dimensional Friend!

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