I was moving my collection around today trying to follow the MOTUC Timeline that someone created on here. I pretty much had everything right, but moved some stuff around.

I was also going thru my "extras" bag and I had an extra Sorceress. After reading the new Skeletor mini comic, I had an idea.

I always like the idea of the Goddess and Teela being her clone as it appears in the Tale of Teela mini comic. I always like the scene when Goddess merges back with Teela and she has the snake armor but also flowing hair.

So, I took my Sorceress, the red snake armor that came in the weapons pack, and the Capt. Glenn extra ponytail head I had. I took the red snake staff and built The Sorceress-Goddess

Photo 15.jpg

It's pretty neat. I put her on my shelf with Faceless One, King Grayskull, Zodak and Moss Man.