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Also the 'boiling water' is a bit of a misnomer. You typically aren't quite boiling the water, I typically have our keurig heat me up some water to loosen joints which gets to 192F with boiling being 212.

On the topic though, this gave me an idea (before I saw someone else did it) to put snake armor Teela head on a She-ra body for my Teela Sorceress and pose with King He-man. I will pick up a BP She-ra when I get Larfleeze to save on shipping. Also looking to put a Tallstar head on BG Teela to make her Vikor's Teela. It was kind of funny the day after I started thinking of doing that I saw one go up for sale in the marketplace.
I do a lot of the times....I put a tall bowl in the microwave for like 3:30 - 4 min, and it's boiling....it's much faster....and works well for hard to pop parts.