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OK... So, we get Granamyr with great balljointed articulations, but this $80 figure is STILL not able to stand upright !? I'm sorry, but I don't have any use for a figure that will sit on its behind all the time, and especially a figure that costs 80 dollars (and that will be sold for much more than 100 euros once it arrives in Europe)...

Another "taken for the ass" figure. Sadly, it will be an additional pass for me.
I understand, but for me I have no use for having him stand. in the cartoon I never liked how he looked standing up, it would be like me complaining that swift wind or the shadow beasts and gygor can't sit naturally, I won't be posing them like that for any reason, BUT I'm still glad they are articulated as such.

Also from the looks of Granamyr this isn't the production piece, he may well be rotocast. and as much as I agree with some of the 'taken for the ass' comments on things, it's overused, Granamyr is done and presented as he should be iconically, it's a let down if we can't make him stand on his own but not that big a deal. Stay puft can't sit, and granny is WAAAAY more articulated than most of us were led to believe (TG said he would be similar to tytus and megator in articulation) and again, we can only reserve judgement on him standing or not when the production figure gets reviewed.