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Thread: He-Man Aficionados & Connoisseurs: Trivial Help with the Mythology & Definitions

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    He-Man Aficionados & Connoisseurs: Trivial Help with the Mythology & Definitions

    For someone that is not too involved in He-Man, I wanted to get a better idea of the mythology of the Masters of the Universe. Please help fill out or correct if you can by adding input, advice and corrections. Many thanks.

    Planetary Worlds

    On the Map of Eternia
    -Free People of Preternia (Castle Grayskull, Grayskull Tower)
    -Horde Territory (Central Tower, Slime Pit)
    -Snake Territory (Temple of Serpos, Viper Tower)
    -Anwat Gar (Avgravt Spaceport)
    -Isles of Darksmoke (Dragon Tower)
    -Mystic Mountains (Avion)
    -Tar Swamp
    -Point Dread
    -Mount Zoar

    Dimensions (There are supposed to be five of them, right?)

    The Six Rings from the new comic

    Magic, Potions & Spells
    -Spell of Seperation

    -10 billion years before Year 0 (Preternia Starts)
    -Year 0 (Formation of the planetary government of Eternia by King Jarod)
    -Year 2179 (King Hiss assumes supreme leadership of Eternia's Snake Men)
    -Year 2200 to Year 2500 (Time of the Great Wars)
    -Year 2490 (King Grayskull assumes the throne as legitimate ruler of Eternia)
    -Year 2492 (Hordak and the Evil Horde invade Eternia)
    -Year 2498 (Temporary two-year truce between three factions. Creation of the Three Towers to signify the truce)
    -Year 2500 (Horde and Snake Men team up in futile attempt to topple King Grayskull's regime)
    -Year 2667 (Council of the Wise gives the Golden Disks of Knowledge to the government of Eternia for safekeeping)
    -Year 2945 (Miro assumes throne of Eternia)
    Year 2970 (King Miro disappears. Council of Elders proclaims Randor the legitimate ruler of Eternia, declaring Keldor to be too evil)
    -Year 2975 (Skeletor forms band of Evil Warriors and occupies Snake Mountain)
    -Year 2977 (Birth of Prince Adam and Princess Adora. Hordak temporarily returns to Eternia and kidnaps Adora)
    -Year 2991 (Adam first given Sword of Power. Adam and Cringer first become He-Man and Battle Cat)
    -Year 2995 (Formation of Heroic Warriors to combat Skeletor and the Evil Warriors)
    -Year 2996 to Year 2998 (Events that appear in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe [classic cartoon] take place)
    -Year 3000 (Present Day)
    -Year 4000 (New Adventures)
    Boomer Sooner!!!

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