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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallstar View Post
    Now that there's some additional funds for the tooling, I'm really hoping they use those funds wisely and press forward with the MOTUC line, instead of double-dipping on characters that have already been produced or totally revamping characters who don't need it. Like I don't want them to say: "Oh, let's go back and make a 100% newly-tooled He-Man!" or for them to waste it on making a 100% newly-tooled Clawful in a BIGGER size. No, that is unnecessary.
    Some fans wouldn't call 'double dipping' or 'bigger Clawful' a waste.

    especially in characters that had radically different looks throughout the many iterations of MOTU.

    Sorry but this effort to halt the 200X fans from getting what they want, while expecting people to respect what you want has got to end. Mattel has all but confirmed a 200X He-Man, it's happening. Get used to it, and get used to us asking for more.

    Some may say that POP is unnecessary, or the Star Sisters, or a Filmation Accurate She-Ra. Some HAVE said that.

    I don't want them wasting molds on Sea Hawk, Dylamug, Vultak, Granita, or Admiral Scurvy.

    none of which I feel are important enough to merit a figure. But I'm not about to try to deny somebody something they want.
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