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Thread: Am I the only one that isn't happy the Wonder Bread He-Man is the 'mystery' figure

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    JMB410s you are exactly right Mattel could have just scrapped this line in the get go but they didn't. Which I'm glad they are going to continue on with this line.
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    Wun-dar was the most smartest move that Mattel made in years (only second to the creation of the Motuc line).
    Itīs great, a figure that most people dont care about, itīs just a repaint fine by me. I was worried they would make Keldor the bonus figure.

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    At first I was really disappointed about Wun-Dar.. still no clue who he is? A rumoured bread promotion figure from the 80's I guess. But then I saw how Pixel Dan put it, and I went from really disappointed to just disappointed.. as I came to realize that we may have not even got a bonus figure at all of any type. I was hoping that the bonus figure was going to be a more dynamic figure though from the classic line.. any of the bonus figures coming up would have made me more happy than getting Wun-Dar.

    In a sense all of us that have He-Man and Zodac, can put together our own Wun-Dar figure. BD He-Man would have been so much more better!

    I guess also to be more fair.. when I see more pictures of Wun-Dar, as I have only seen the one of him on the screen picture.. I may change my mind. As of now.. just not thrilled it is him.

    Curious to know what his bio is though? Did He-Man by mistake grab a loaf of bread and yell out "By the Power of Grain Seed, I have the Fibre"!

    Maybe still Orko played a crazy trick on He-Man and poof his armour was switched around and he ended up holding a loaf of bread instead of his power sword"?

    I don't think it would have been a bad idea to have had more of a classic new figure as the bonus figure to encourage more people to subscribe. Oh well.. I guess I will be stuck with Wun-Dar.. like it or not.
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    I'm fine with Wun-Dar being the bonus figure.
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    Wun-dar is a perfect bonus figure, because super hardcore fans (most likely to subscribe) want him, and casual fans (less likely to subscribe) won't be upset if they miss out.

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    i too think it makes sense as the main reason i wanted to subscribe is to ensure i get the figures each month without the wait at the pc(as said before is still gonna happen with bonuses) it seems from the get go of this line wun-dar was always going to be included as per the slideshow at sdcc 2008 so to use him as the exclusive makes sense as i can imagine if he was a figure of the month then there would be complaints he had taken the place of a more deserving character.

    As mentioned in previous threads i would like it if he was an alternate universe adam as a cosmic enforcer much like Kal-el was down as being a future GL in dc if krypton had survived then adam if he hadnt become he-man would have been used as a cosmic enforcer.

    Anyway whatever the bio maybe i am happy with the choice as i would have bought him either way wether exclusive or figure of the month.

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    I think that overall, Wun-Dar was the best choice for the subscription exclusive. I think there will be less worry for those who pass on the subscription about what they missed.

    I also like the idea of finally nailing down this guy's existence. Can't wait for the bio!

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    I like Wonder Bread He-Man (aka Wun-Dar)!

    It would be cool if he comes with a small Wonder Bread sticker or an advertisement on the back of his card.

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    you all are missing the point here. he comes with a loaf of wonderbread ! SWEET !!!!

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    Am I the only one that isn't happy the Wonder Bread He-Man is the 'mystery' figure
    No. This is the Internet; you will always be able to find other unhappy people.

    I'm pleased with Wun-Dar, personally.

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    Warner Bros. He-Man?

    Hmm...i'm undecided.
    it's cool that we get an exclusive figure...and a poster map...
    but I never thought wonder bread he-man was that cool.

    I AM rolling about the loaf of bread though!

    meh...either way. You knew it would be on the cheap...has to be.
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    I wonder if they will dare to go cheap and put him in a plastic bag like the original was rather than MOC.

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    I'm happy with Wun-dar, hoping the story will be good too!
    MOTUC is my thing!

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    I am with you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiggerbeast View Post
    With your subscription you get all 12 figures guaranteed and but well charge you $20 up from for a really cool figure.

    And then we fund out its' - a repaint. No new moulding - just a He-Man and Faker rip-off in my opinion. Oh, and a map. That's it! Con.

    And now with other bad news - the bonus figures we were told to going to be either re-releases or repaint are mostly - repaints to look like different characters. The thing is, I do like the look of Green Goddess and Zodak (though he should come with an extra head).

    But, I'm sorry. Wun-Dar is a huge insult to me and I'm usually pretty-pro this line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiggerbeast View Post
    Wun-Dar is a huge insult to me and I'm usually pretty-pro this line.
    An insult? No! Not for me at least.
    Honestly I don't care. I have some doubts about the subscription and this exclusive means nothing to me. So no subscription and no exclusive...
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    I'm happy that he's the subscription exclusive - imagine the outrage if it was someone important!

    I'm also glad he's not called "wonderbread / Savage He-Man", but "Wun-Dar" so he is a new character.

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    Dude they had me at Wun-Dar. He isn't He-man, He's Wundar! Now I am Glad that I ordered 2 subscriptions.
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    not exactly unhappy, as we're getting a very much asked for figure, but quite underwhelmed though. I really would have prefered Keldor.

    i didn't get the subcription for Wun-dar though, I got it to avoid the red screen of evil black death every month. i'll still have to face it for those bonus figures though. why didn't they include them for subscribers?? unbelievable!!

    The one good thing about Wun-dar coming out is that it will finally silence those who have been asking about it for so long. Same with Green Goddess. i won't ever have to hear about them again. Thanks Mattel!!!

    now everyone will be wanting a mostly nude, barefoot He-man without wristbands etc. or an all-red beastman.
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    im happy with it and I think it was one of the best options to keep non subscrition people from getting mad.

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    Yeah, I too am disappointed, instead of getting a "must have" figure, we're getting what I've always considered kind of a prototype errant color scheme He-Man (Wonderbread He-Man) which no one could really figure out the "official" story on. What I want to know is what makes such an ambigous and as stated, in my opinion, errant, early version of a character we all know and love just the way he is, so great?? Wun-Dar is by far the most useless figure in the line so far. And the Eternia map is a pathetic bonus. lol sorry for the negativity people, but don't think badly of me, I love the line itself, but just have no love for Wun-Dar the Barbarian, lol But really people, let's not let Mattel blindside us here, they are not GIVING this figure to you, they are making you pay 25 dollars for it! A simple repaint of pre-existing parts for 25 dollars. Think about it before you subscribe, I love the line, but I'd rather pick and choose which figures I want. It's funny, because I'm just as excited about the bonus figures as the main figures, meaning the subscription really loses its luster. Thanks everyone for listening to my rant

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    Perfect choice in my opinion..

    For disappointed people: would you be happy if King Hiss was a SDCC exclusive, so that your only chance to own one would be to go to the con?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Modulak View Post
    you all are missing the point here. he comes with a loaf of wonderbread ! SWEET !!!!
    Yeah! Modulak knows how it is. This is the only barbarian warrior toy to ever come with bread! That's both awesome and hilarious at the same time!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixel Dan View Post
    First of all, I knew it would be a repaint. They couldn't give us an all-new figure...just think of the uproar from those who didn't subscribe or missed the subscription. Some who didn't want to subscribe were already complaining that there even was a bonus figure.

    Second, I look at that $20 for exactly what it is...a sign-up fee. That fee is for the convenience of having the subscription, and to guarantee you get the 12 monthly figures. The extra figure and the map are bonuses, just as it says they are.

    So...if you don't like Wun-Dar, then sell or trade him to a fellow collector who missed out on the subscription service and wants the figure. Doesn't seem like a big deal to me.
    We didn't have to have a sign-up fee for the rest of the 2009 figures. Fans shouldn't have to spend $20 to sign up for a convenience fee, when it really isn't a convenience to be "locked" into something for a full year, with a chance of something personal happening to you like losing your job, or gaining an unknown expense(ex. medical bills)..etc. We are doing Mattel a favor by saying, "Yes, I will buy your products all year long."

    While I probably wouldn't complain if the "bonus" figure was an actual character from MOTU, I would have felt my $20 was well spent, but to have another He-Man figure with brown hair and black Zodac thanks.

    Mattel should give subscription buyers the option of wanting the figure. I ordered 2 subscriptions, and I would rather have saved that $40 that's giving me 2 Wun-dar figures, so I could use it to buy Battlecat in February instead.
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    I understand all you fellow fans about being disappointed on the "bonus" figure being Wun-dar or "WonderBread He-man" because he is just a simple re-paint on the old He-man. However, for all of us who are also vintage collectors, this is a sweet figure due to the fact that there have been so many theories and speculations relating to the truth about the WB He-man, including that it never really existed or is a fake, what weapons did it really come with, was it really sold in a baggie as a mail-away, etc.

    Many of us have contacted Wonderbread and Mattel and asked about the infamous figure with no definite answer.

    Some of us (vintage collectors) have been able to acquire such a figure believing it is real. They sometimes appear on ebay and sell for over $200 and the buyer risks the chance of acquiring a "custom" or a fake.

    With the release of the MOTUC WB He-man, it marks the realization of such a controversial figure.

    On a different note: I was not able to get a subscription (it was sold out), but I would gladly purchase your WB-Hemen for those who do not want it.
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    I'm very happy with the bonus figure being "Wun-Dar". Two reasons...first, he's huge in MotU lore and will most definitely boost the number of subscriptions. Secondly, for those that aren't interested in the subscription and can live without Wun-Dar, there's no harm done.

    I think it's a cool nod to the history of MotU and a cool nod to the fans. Kudos Mattel and 4H!
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