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Sir/madam! I beg to vehemently differ!

The singular beauty of LEGO license is that they usually "reinterpret" the license blending that with that LEGO flavor, adding a lot to the final result, expanding in some way the mythos... while MegaBlocks tend to be rather literal.

Confront the job done with Pirates of the Caribbean (a very good example, being a license which have been hold in different times by both company): MegaBlocks' version is more "adherent" to the franchise, a more immediate translation, but LEGO's version is immensely more charming, a worthy reinterpretation, and more fully compatible with existing sets too.

The execution quality and general QC (painting/print and whatnot) is also completely on other level, with LEGO having the lead by far!

Just my 2 studs
Quoted for truth!
I actually have a good chunk of my old "MOTUC budget" now being spent on Legos. To me, it has the same nostalgia value as with MOTU, but non of the QC headaches